Ablution and Salah(Prayer) Materials for Reverts

Here are some materials for reverts to learn everything about prayer and ablution.You may download them and share with your friends.

All downloads should be done by using Mozilla Firefox

How to take wudoo (ablution) .ppt

Flash Ablution (Wudu)

Flash Tayammum_English

Beginner’s Guide to Islamic Prayer

Salah For Reverts.pdf

(This is a book in pdf format with female pictures.)

Flash Prayer by a  WOMAN

(It runs on a website)

Flash Prayer by a  WOMAN

(It is a standalone file and you need to download it)

Flash Prayer by a  MAN

(It is a standalone file and you need to download it)

Kibla Locator (1)

Kibla Locator (2)

Prayer Time Table

Salah Time Setup Software

(download this  software and run it on your computer)

7 common mistakes in salah

Learn Al-Fatihah

(Complete instruction on how to recite Al-Fatihah.)

What to say in your prayer

(This is the website version)

What to say in your prayer

(This is the pdf version. Download Adobe Reader Click the speaker till a rectangular shape appear, and right click it and click Full Media to view the full screen)

Learn Tashahud

Great Links to learn quran

Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 1/7 (Intro & Wudu)


Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 2/7 (Reminders)


Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 3/7 (Fajr/Subh)

2Rakaats-Recite Loudly


Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 4/7 (Dhur/Zohr)

4 Rakaats-Recite Silently


Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 5/7 (Asr)

4 Rakaat-Recite Silently


Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 6/7 (Maghreb)

3 Rakaats-Recite 1st 2 Rakaats Loudly


Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 7/7 (Isha)-(END)

4 Rakaats-Recite 1st 2Rakaats Loudly




Learn Quran for Beginners

Here are some links and software that you can download to learn quran in an easy way.Any reverts need quran class can contact me at yahoo: revert2007

Quran flash

(It is a software where Transliteration is written on the left and Quran in Arabic written on the right.It also has index of 40 pages after the final surah.You can use the arrow button on keyboard to flip the page to left or right)

e-Quran with Tajweed Rules Colours

Learn Arabic-by Yourself-

No matter who you are as long as you call yourself a Muslim, you must learn Arabic in order to recite Quran. Here I would like to share some of my materials that I have collected from various sites and blogs and you can just download them from here. Hope they will benefit you InshaAllah.

All downloads should be done by using Mozilla Firefox

Place of Articulation

Tajweed-20Articulation Points-

Rules of tajweed

Help Yourself  in Reading Holy Quran

NOUR ELBYAN Learn Arabic by Yourself


Arabic Letters in Flash

Learn Arabic Through Madina Books and Videos

Download All Madina Books Here

Great Blog for Learning Arabic

Games in Learning Arabic

Introduction of the Arabic Letters


Here I would like to share a very serious issue where most mothers neglect. As a mother and as a slave of Allah The Exalted, I want to share this with all of us because sooner or later we will be parents.

It is very sad to see how mothers nowadays are raising their kids, though they are striving to shelter them and provide them with the best in all aspects: the best food, clothes, education, means of entertainment, etc…But isn’t this the basic responsibility that any mother feels towards her children?  Isn’t this attitude found in every culture and  every religion?

So how can a Muslim mother be different from an ordinary mother? As Muslim mothers, we should have more responsibility towards our children. Besides providing them  with their basic needs, we should also prepare their souls for worshipping Allah. I’ve always believed that children are gifts from Allah, yet they do not quite belong to us. We are just chosen to be their parents to raise them according to Allah’s rules.

But these days Muslim mothers raise their kids according to their own rules. They are preparing their kids for dunya (this worldly life) and not for Jannah (Paradise)How can we say a child’s Jannah is under the mother’s feet when the mother herself doesn’t bother to care for her child’s Jannah?

Let me put everything straight forward without beating around the bush.

A muslim mother should raise her child by telling him about Tauhid (monotheism or the Oneness of Allah). How come we introduce Tauhid to non Muslims but not to our own children? They don’t have a clue who Allah is, what Islam is.about. or how to perform Salah (prayer); not to mention how ignorant they are of what  Jannah (Paradise) and Jahannam (Hellfire) are. This is what a muslim mother should teach. It is this Islamic education that should be given top priority and not western education.

No more A for Apple

Now A for Allah

No matter how much a mother instructs her child on dunya (worldly )affairs, yet she will have failed as a mother if this  child doesn’t pray  in the future or when her daughter doesn’t put on hijab (Islamic covering) when she reaches puberty. In this sense, the mother is consequently responsible for both the righteousness and the corruption of the muslim ummah (nation).The ummah, therefore, starts from home. Each child grows up and creates an ummah of his own. So if corruption prevails in the ummah, who will be held responsible for this corruption?

Do not blame television programs,
Do not blame the western countries,
Do no blame the internet,
Do not blame` music,
Do not blame nude women,
Do not blame anyone…

But only blame ourselves

If the child has strong iman (faith) implanted in his heart since childhood, he won’t be corrupted in his religion.

Iman is like the bricks used to build a building. If they are of low quality, the building will collapse one day. If they are of strong quality,they will  inshaAllah survive like the pyramids.

If a child does not pray, then it is the mother’s fault because she didn’t care to advise him as long as he could get 100/100 in his exam.

If a girl does not wear hijab, then it is the mother’s fault because she didn’t bother to advise her as long as she looks beautiful and happy with the compliments given by the relatives.

However, we must be reminded that we are not living in this world according to our rules. We live according to Allah’s rules. So we have no rights to raise the children as we like, but we MUST raise the children according to what He (The Exalted)wants.

To all Muslim mothers: if you want to be in Jannah,and you want your children to be in Jannah too, do what Allah has ordered you to do.

No more so called western style of raising children.

All we have to do is just take the good things from them (non Muslims), modify them and implement Islamic rules and raise the child accordingly.

· No more bed time stories-prophets stories
· No more teaching Roman alphabets-begin with alif,ba,ta.. and not A,B,C…
·  and not A for Apple   –   Teach Alif for Allah
· No more music -but dzikir for Allah

· No more drawing living creatures-but draw the beauty of Islam
· No more talking crap with friends at school –but teach how to do dawah and how to talk about Islam
· No more Barney or Sesame Street-but Huda channel or Iqra’ Channel
· No more” I love you, you love me(Barney song)- but “Give thanks to Allah”(by Zain Bhikha)

.No more memorizing song lyrics-but memorize Quran

Disbelievers do not follow our way, so why do we follow theirs?
Don’t we have our own mind and own way of raising our children?

Think about it for a moment


all my beloved sisters and respected brothers. Today I would like to share my thoughts on Unity.

If I say UNITY, what comes to your minds?

Well we might talk about the unity of the family, the unity of the students, the unity of the people, the unity of the country, the unity of the nation, the unity of the ummah and so on……

But have u ever thought about unity of your body?

Let me elaborate further :

Before we could unite the whole world, the whole ummah and so on, we should unite our body..

Do all our five senses, our hearts and our minds fear Allah and worship Him alone?

1. Your eyes should fear Allah and worship Him alone. See the good and forbid the bad.

2. Your tongue should fear Allah and worship Him alone. Talk aboutthe good things and forbid the bad.

3. Your ears should fear Allah and worship Him alone. Listen to the good things and forbid the bad.

4. You hands should fear Allah and worship Him alone. Touch the good things and forbid the bad.

5. Your legs should fear Allah and worship Him alone. Walk to the good places and forbid the bad.

6. Your heart should fear Allah and worship Him alone. Feel and love the good things and forbid the bad.

7. Your mind should fear Allah and worship Him alone. Think about the good things and forbid the bad.

When our body is united and fears Allah, there is no need of worrying about uniting the ummah. The unity of ummah will happen automatically when each and every one of us unites ourselves (our body parts)

So start uniting your body for the sake of Allah. Each and every part of your body should be used wisely for the sake of Allah, because on Judgment day, these very parts of your body will testify, either for or against you, on behalf of your tongue.

“Day of Pining” (distress) (Qur’an 30.55-57, 19.39)

If one denies a deed he/she committed, or refuses to acknowledge it, his or her body parts will testify against them


my beloved sisters and respected brothers.

As usual I want to share my thoughts with all of you. It just came to my mind during my quran class.


As humans, we cannot be satisfied with whatever we have. That is how Allah has created us and we shouldn’t blame ourselves. We tend not to be satisfied with anything. We want more and more in everything.

More money

More women

More beauty

More houses

More cars

More jewellery

the list can go on and on













AM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

Islamic Quotes by Revert2007

Here I have some quotes of my own which I paste on my wall so that whenever my relatives come to my room, they can read and think about. It is one way of doing da’wah (calling for Allah) by the way. Perhaps you should give it a try as well

Disobeying Allah is Equal to Committing Suicide

Jannah is Not Easy Yet It is Not Difficult



Nothing is Certain in This Life Except Death

Life Is Too Short To Mess Around With

The Greatest Love Is The Love Between Allah and Me

Iman Is Like A Diamond That Needs To Be
Polished To View The Shine

Islam Is Not Difficult But We Make It Difficult

Iman Is For Those Who Seek It.

Life and Islam (Giving Up Islam)

Today I would like to share my thoughts that came to my mind after yesterday’s subh (morning) prayer and I’ve written them down in a note book so that I won’t forget them once I wake up from sleep

Life is like a bus. You travel on this bus to your destination. During the process of traveling, you drop some passengers and you take new passengers at certain bus stops. Yet you do not get sad about those that have got off their bus and you still continue your journey to your destination.

In our lives we meet new people and we lose some others even if we love them. Yet we can’t give up our lives and be disappointed. We still need to continue our journey of life because this journey hasn’t come to an end yet.

In this life we can lose anything, just name it

  • Job
  • Wealth
  • Heath
  • Education
  • Beauty
  • Fame
  • Power
  • Mind
  • Silaturrahim (ties of kinship)
  • Etc…………

But we can never lose one thing: which is the knowledge that we gain since birth. So why don’t you concentrate on increasing your knowledge of Islam and help those who need it.

Life is synonymous with

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Test
  • Disappointment

But with good knowledge of Islam and correct guidance from Quran and Sunnah, Allah will provide you with all that’s best in your journey down Allah’s path.

Why do we need to be tested by Allah s.w.t ?

Even if you are a school, college or university student, you will have to sit for a test almost every week, month or year to find out about your educational level. Likewise, Allah always tests those whom He loves so that they can know who they are,  where they stand as to the  the level of their iman (faith) and how to boost this iman.

Please remember one thing: Allah tests you according to what you can handle.

Do not question “Why are others not subjected to this test and why am I particularly chosen to face it? Doesn’t Allah love me?”

The answer is simply that this test can only be handled by you and not by others. Allah is subjecting you to this particular test because He loves you so much and He is helping you strengthen your iman.

In such a weak situation, beware of giving in to shaitan (satan). Turn to Allah and beg for His help because Allah loves those who beg Him.

Once you have solved your problem and you have passed Allah’s test, do not forget to say Alhamdulilahi Rab-bil Alamin

Please be a grateful person and that is the basic courtesy of life-To thank those have helped you.

Some of us might really go through an extremely tough time and might think of giving up Islam and one’s faith in Allah. But do you think that one’s problems can be solved by  doing so? In fact, by giving up Islam you are literally committing suicide.

Who can solve your problem if it is not Allah? Allah s.w.t is the One who tested you and gave you the problem and it’s only He that can help you solve it. The more tests you face, the closer you should get to Allah and that is what a wise Muslim should do.

This dunya (world) is not eternal and neither are your pain and suffering. You must go through all these difficulties in order to gain Jannah.

Jannah is not an easy task, yet it is not a difficult one.

We should not live our lives our way, but should rather live according to Allah’s way. If you act smart and do everything your way, you will never win neither in dunya nor the hereafter.

Let’s be winners who win both in this dunya and the hereafter and that is the goal/objective of every Muslim.

The following tips are nothing but my own personal advice and are far from being a  fatwa. If I am wrong, may Allah forgive me.

Strengthen your iman by praying the 5 obligatory prayers on time. Those who do not pray are regarded as disbelievers, because it’s the salah (prayer) that marks the e the difference between a Muslim and a kaffir

  • Do sunnah fasting (Mondays and Thursdays). Those who fast can learn how to be patient and thus and can control their lust and evil desires.
  • Recite the Quran. If can’t recite, at least listen to Quran recitation. It is ok if you do not understand the Quran in the beginning, but the Quran recitation is the key to a calm,peaceful soul.
  • Perform extra prayer (sunnah, nawafil), especially night prayers if possible and make strong du’a (supplication) at this moment. In fact, it is a blessing to cry in front of Allah and just let go all your pain through your tears.
  • Do dzikir( remembrance of Allah) as much as possible, because dzikir is one way to clear away your sins even if they are  as much as the foam of the sea.
  • You can also use the internet chatting to have Islamic discussion (a mic will be needed),where you can discuss different Islamic issues, Glorify Allah, and talk about the Prophet pbuh. This is how you can see and share the beauty of Islam. Besides, when you have Islamic discussion and Glorification of Allah, angels will be there around you listening to your discussion, filling the place with peace and reporting this to Allah to have it added to your rewards insha’Allah (God willing).
  • Brothers should go to the mosque as frequently as possible and interact with other righteous brothers.

Insha’Allah after reading this, we should know by now all our duties.

Life is too short to give up your faith. Make full use of this short life and earn more hassanat (rewards) to secure your place in Jannah.

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How Many of You Feed Your Soul ??????

to all my beloved sisters and  brothers in Islam as well as the non-muslims who are still searching for the light of truth.

Here I would like to share with you the topic of discussion I had with my Quran teacher. May Allah grant her and her family Jannat Al-Firdaus (the highest ranks of Paradise).  Ameen

As is the nature of humans, we tend to care more for material objects: things that we can see, touch or hear, but we always forget abstract things which can’t be felt with our five senses.

Accordingly, we care more for our body than for our soul.
As an illustration, ask yourselves the following questions:

1. How many of you go on diet just because you think you have gained weight?

2. How many of you buy beautiful clothes to cover your body

3. How many of you go to the cinema, or seek any other source of  entertainment just because you feel bored?

4. How many of you go to fancy restaurants to fill your stomach?

5. How many of you wear make up just to look beautiful?

The list can just go on………………..

This shows that as humans, we care more about our body than our soul. When we were young, our mother fed us. When we grew up we feed ourselves, filling our stomach with all types of  delicious food.

But what about our SOUL?

We must remember that when we die, our body will go back to its original condition – back to dust.

Whatever we are doing for our body will never last forever and even any part of this body can in no time be lost in an accident…

But the only thing which will definitely remain is our SOUL and it’s according to this soul that we end up either in Jannah(Paradise) or Jahanam (Hellfire)

And while anyone might feed your stomach, it’s only YOU that can feed your SOUL

What, then, is the food for your soul???????????
It is called IMAN

How do you feed your soul?????????
By worshipping Allah
BY reading Quran
BY obeying Allah
By following the Sunnah (Prophetic Tradition)

By doing dzikir (remembrance of Allah)
An example of dzikir is saying astaghfirullah (asking forgiveness from Allah) hundreds of times each day

Ramadan ( the month of fasting) is a  proof that we can’t do anything except when Allah allows us to. Therefore, we are not allowed in this month to eat, drink or enter anything into our body. In fact, this body is not to be “fed” unless the time comes, the time that Allah has assigned for us
Our soul, on the other hand, is very richly “fed ” during that time….by worshipping Allah

Many wealthy people may say, “I’m rich, yet am not happy. Why?”
It is because you’re only rich physically, but not spiritually.

Your soul needs food to be happy
Give IMAN to your

remember…..when our life comes to an end, …we will be nothing…the only thing which will remain is our soul…….


Why Should I Convert to Islam

Here I just would like to write out some of my thoughts to those who hesitate to convert.

Many people (non-Muslims) have the bad idea about converting to Islam.
Islam means SURRENDER. It means u surrender yourselves to Allah The Almighty and The Only Creator of the Universe.

When you convert to Islam, it means you are surrendering yourselves to Allah and you are obeying Him.

Of course many have their own way of lives, cultures and so and so. Can we change ourselves in overnight?

I myself had my own culture, my own way of life which was too westernized (and which people are afraid to give up though) yet I GAVE UP this life for the sake of Allah.

Before Islam, I was forced to convert to Christianity yet I just don’t want to convert to Christianity. I know Islam and Christianity since very young yet Islam was the one very close to my heart and Allah is the only one I am afraid of even before Islam.

Islam is basically A WAY OF LIFE. It teaches u how u should live your life and how u should please your Master and get rewards from Him.

1st example

When u have children, the parents mold their kids the way they want them to be.You raise your kids they way u want.

2nd example

When u create a machine /products/recipes, only the creator (which is the human) only knows how these things functions. So u must tell about your products functions in a manual booklet. Whenever you buy a computer for example, there is always a manual booklet for you and it is in many languages.

Same goes here. Allah as our Master mold us the way He wants and He mentioned and ordered us to live our lives according to His “Manual booklet” called Quran. and we have the translation of Quran in many languages. Only Allah knows how we should live and please Him

Allah has mentioned everything clearly in Quran and the hidden meaning of it has been translated by scholars. So it is impossible for someone to say that “I don’t understand Quran.”

I have always wanted to ask these questions to non Muslims.
Why is that always choose the best thing in your life such as the best cloths, the best schools, the best university, the best partner yet why do u fail to choose the best religion for yourselves?

When we love someone, aren’t we usually given up certain things for that person? Why can’t you give up certain things for Allah who provides everything to you? He gives u life, He gives u shelter, He gives u food, He gives u rezk, He gives u partner, He gives u children and ……(infinity)

Yet all He asked is to obey Him and only to worship Him.

We obey our mother coz she gave birth to us and raised us. And we are always sensitive about our parent’s coz they did too much for us.

What about Allah?
Without Allah u wouldn’t even be born and have parents and u couldn’t even see the world.

those obey Allah and believe in Him and His messenger will have a happy life in hereafter in jannah and for those disbelievers He promised hell fire.

Life is not a bed of roses but jannah is a bed of roses. entering jannah is not easy at the same time it isn’t difficult.

Before exam we have to sacrifice many things-tv, music, friends, entertainment, sleep…..just to get flying colors in exam.

Similar goes to Islam
we must sacrifice everything that has been forbidden in Islam to enter jannah.


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