How Many of You Feed Your Soul ??????

to all my beloved sisters and  brothers in Islam as well as the non-muslims who are still searching for the light of truth.

Here I would like to share with you the topic of discussion I had with my Quran teacher. May Allah grant her and her family Jannat Al-Firdaus (the highest ranks of Paradise).  Ameen

As is the nature of humans, we tend to care more for material objects: things that we can see, touch or hear, but we always forget abstract things which can’t be felt with our five senses.

Accordingly, we care more for our body than for our soul.
As an illustration, ask yourselves the following questions:

1. How many of you go on diet just because you think you have gained weight?

2. How many of you buy beautiful clothes to cover your body

3. How many of you go to the cinema, or seek any other source of  entertainment just because you feel bored?

4. How many of you go to fancy restaurants to fill your stomach?

5. How many of you wear make up just to look beautiful?

The list can just go on………………..

This shows that as humans, we care more about our body than our soul. When we were young, our mother fed us. When we grew up we feed ourselves, filling our stomach with all types of  delicious food.

But what about our SOUL?

We must remember that when we die, our body will go back to its original condition – back to dust.

Whatever we are doing for our body will never last forever and even any part of this body can in no time be lost in an accident…

But the only thing which will definitely remain is our SOUL and it’s according to this soul that we end up either in Jannah(Paradise) or Jahanam (Hellfire)

And while anyone might feed your stomach, it’s only YOU that can feed your SOUL

What, then, is the food for your soul???????????
It is called IMAN

How do you feed your soul?????????
By worshipping Allah
BY reading Quran
BY obeying Allah
By following the Sunnah (Prophetic Tradition)

By doing dzikir (remembrance of Allah)
An example of dzikir is saying astaghfirullah (asking forgiveness from Allah) hundreds of times each day

Ramadan ( the month of fasting) is a  proof that we can’t do anything except when Allah allows us to. Therefore, we are not allowed in this month to eat, drink or enter anything into our body. In fact, this body is not to be “fed” unless the time comes, the time that Allah has assigned for us
Our soul, on the other hand, is very richly “fed ” during that time….by worshipping Allah

Many wealthy people may say, “I’m rich, yet am not happy. Why?”
It is because you’re only rich physically, but not spiritually.

Your soul needs food to be happy
Give IMAN to your

remember…..when our life comes to an end, …we will be nothing…the only thing which will remain is our soul…….



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