Here I would like to share a very serious issue where most mothers neglect. As a mother and as a slave of Allah The Exalted, I want to share this with all of us because sooner or later we will be parents.

It is very sad to see how mothers nowadays are raising their kids, though they are striving to shelter them and provide them with the best in all aspects: the best food, clothes, education, means of entertainment, etc…But isn’t this the basic responsibility that any mother feels towards her children?  Isn’t this attitude found in every culture and  every religion?

So how can a Muslim mother be different from an ordinary mother? As Muslim mothers, we should have more responsibility towards our children. Besides providing them  with their basic needs, we should also prepare their souls for worshipping Allah. I’ve always believed that children are gifts from Allah, yet they do not quite belong to us. We are just chosen to be their parents to raise them according to Allah’s rules.

But these days Muslim mothers raise their kids according to their own rules. They are preparing their kids for dunya (this worldly life) and not for Jannah (Paradise)How can we say a child’s Jannah is under the mother’s feet when the mother herself doesn’t bother to care for her child’s Jannah?

Let me put everything straight forward without beating around the bush.

A muslim mother should raise her child by telling him about Tauhid (monotheism or the Oneness of Allah). How come we introduce Tauhid to non Muslims but not to our own children? They don’t have a clue who Allah is, what Islam is.about. or how to perform Salah (prayer); not to mention how ignorant they are of what  Jannah (Paradise) and Jahannam (Hellfire) are. This is what a muslim mother should teach. It is this Islamic education that should be given top priority and not western education.

No more A for Apple

Now A for Allah

No matter how much a mother instructs her child on dunya (worldly )affairs, yet she will have failed as a mother if this  child doesn’t pray  in the future or when her daughter doesn’t put on hijab (Islamic covering) when she reaches puberty. In this sense, the mother is consequently responsible for both the righteousness and the corruption of the muslim ummah (nation).The ummah, therefore, starts from home. Each child grows up and creates an ummah of his own. So if corruption prevails in the ummah, who will be held responsible for this corruption?

Do not blame television programs,
Do not blame the western countries,
Do no blame the internet,
Do not blame` music,
Do not blame nude women,
Do not blame anyone…

But only blame ourselves

If the child has strong iman (faith) implanted in his heart since childhood, he won’t be corrupted in his religion.

Iman is like the bricks used to build a building. If they are of low quality, the building will collapse one day. If they are of strong quality,they will  inshaAllah survive like the pyramids.

If a child does not pray, then it is the mother’s fault because she didn’t care to advise him as long as he could get 100/100 in his exam.

If a girl does not wear hijab, then it is the mother’s fault because she didn’t bother to advise her as long as she looks beautiful and happy with the compliments given by the relatives.

However, we must be reminded that we are not living in this world according to our rules. We live according to Allah’s rules. So we have no rights to raise the children as we like, but we MUST raise the children according to what He (The Exalted)wants.

To all Muslim mothers: if you want to be in Jannah,and you want your children to be in Jannah too, do what Allah has ordered you to do.

No more so called western style of raising children.

All we have to do is just take the good things from them (non Muslims), modify them and implement Islamic rules and raise the child accordingly.

· No more bed time stories-prophets stories
· No more teaching Roman alphabets-begin with alif,ba,ta.. and not A,B,C…
·  and not A for Apple   –   Teach Alif for Allah
· No more music -but dzikir for Allah

· No more drawing living creatures-but draw the beauty of Islam
· No more talking crap with friends at school –but teach how to do dawah and how to talk about Islam
· No more Barney or Sesame Street-but Huda channel or Iqra’ Channel
· No more” I love you, you love me(Barney song)- but “Give thanks to Allah”(by Zain Bhikha)

.No more memorizing song lyrics-but memorize Quran

Disbelievers do not follow our way, so why do we follow theirs?
Don’t we have our own mind and own way of raising our children?

Think about it for a moment


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