Miracles of Allah (Photos)

A Great Collection of Quran Materials for Beginners

Here are some great books in learning Quran from the very beginning( pdf format):-

  • Quran translation word by word (all 30 juz)
  • Quran tranliteration word by word (all 30 juz)
  • Quran translitertaion table (all 30 juz)
  • Quran dictionary (all 30 juz)
  • Quran Progress Chart
  • Basic tajweed rules by Maha Rashed
  • Learn how to read Al-Quran by Maha Rashed

I also have attached the pictures to give you a brief  idea how the books look like.

All downloads should be done by using Mozilla Firefox

Quran Translation Word by Word

Quran Transliteration Word by Word

Quran Transliteration Table

Quran Dictionary

Progress Chart of Quran

Basic of  Tajweed by Maha Rashed

Learn How to Read Quran by Maha Rashed

Quran Translation Flash Presentation

Surat Al-Fateha TranslationSurat Qoraish TranslationSurat Al-Nasr TranslationSurat Al-KawtherTranslationSurat Al-KaferonTranslationSurat Al-Feel TranslationSurat Annas TranslationAn-Naziat Tanslation

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