Allah’s name in his left ear


My nephew born 9 hours a go Alhamdulilah. As usual I checked every new born’s ear to see if there is written Allah. Subahan Allah it is written on his left ear. It is on the left ear because arabic is written right to left. he is not the only one with this miracle,there are a few though in this world and all are on the left and Muslim baby boys Subahan Allah.

He is not someone special though but Allah is telling us that THERE IS NO GOD BUT THE GOD. So for how long people are going to be blind to His words and His existence?

Allahu Akhbar

Allahu Akhbar

Allahu Akhbar


Allah The God

Assalamualikum. Here are more pictures to the miracles of Allah The Almighty.


Miracles of Allah (Photos)