A True Christian

Assalamualikum to everyone.

We often hear many Christians claim they are true Christians yet they are far beyond the teaching of Jesus pbuh.So now let see what does a true Christian means and what are the characteristic of a true Christian.

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Why Should I Convert to Islam

Here I just would like to write out some of my thoughts to those who hesitate to convert.

Many people (non-Muslims) have the bad idea about converting to Islam.
Islam means SURRENDER. It means u surrender yourselves to Allah The Almighty and The Only Creator of the Universe.

When you convert to Islam, it means you are surrendering yourselves to Allah and you are obeying Him.

Of course many have their own way of lives, cultures and so and so. Can we change ourselves in overnight?

I myself had my own culture, my own way of life which was too westernized (and which people are afraid to give up though) yet I GAVE UP this life for the sake of Allah.

Before Islam, I was forced to convert to Christianity yet I just don’t want to convert to Christianity. I know Islam and Christianity since very young yet Islam was the one very close to my heart and Allah is the only one I am afraid of even before Islam.

Islam is basically A WAY OF LIFE. It teaches u how u should live your life and how u should please your Master and get rewards from Him.

1st example

When u have children, the parents mold their kids the way they want them to be.You raise your kids they way u want.

2nd example

When u create a machine /products/recipes, only the creator (which is the human) only knows how these things functions. So u must tell about your products functions in a manual booklet. Whenever you buy a computer for example, there is always a manual booklet for you and it is in many languages.

Same goes here. Allah as our Master mold us the way He wants and He mentioned and ordered us to live our lives according to His “Manual booklet” called Quran. and we have the translation of Quran in many languages. Only Allah knows how we should live and please Him

Allah has mentioned everything clearly in Quran and the hidden meaning of it has been translated by scholars. So it is impossible for someone to say that “I don’t understand Quran.”

I have always wanted to ask these questions to non Muslims.
Why is that always choose the best thing in your life such as the best cloths, the best schools, the best university, the best partner yet why do u fail to choose the best religion for yourselves?

When we love someone, aren’t we usually given up certain things for that person? Why can’t you give up certain things for Allah who provides everything to you? He gives u life, He gives u shelter, He gives u food, He gives u rezk, He gives u partner, He gives u children and ……(infinity)

Yet all He asked is to obey Him and only to worship Him.

We obey our mother coz she gave birth to us and raised us. And we are always sensitive about our parent’s coz they did too much for us.

What about Allah?
Without Allah u wouldn’t even be born and have parents and u couldn’t even see the world.

those obey Allah and believe in Him and His messenger will have a happy life in hereafter in jannah and for those disbelievers He promised hell fire.

Life is not a bed of roses but jannah is a bed of roses. entering jannah is not easy at the same time it isn’t difficult.

Before exam we have to sacrifice many things-tv, music, friends, entertainment, sleep…..just to get flying colors in exam.

Similar goes to Islam
we must sacrifice everything that has been forbidden in Islam to enter jannah.