I reverted to Islam but my husband didn’t

This is an important issue which has been neglected by many revert sisters. I just would like to say one thing, the greatest blessing is to give up something for the sake  of Allah The Exalted. I know life is difficutlt when sudden changes take place but we shouldn’t forget that everything has been decided and destined by Allah The Exalted.

I will end this post with these quranic verses

The Chapter of al-Qasas  (28.7-13)

We inspired Moses’ mother: “Suckle him, and when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear or grieve; We shall bring him back to you and make him one of the messengers” (28.7).

 Then the people of Pharaoh picked him up [from the river], to become for them an enemy and a sorrow; Pharaoh, Haman, and their soldiers were sinful (28.8).

 The wife of Pharaoh said: “[He will be] a delight for the eye for me and you. Do not kill him. He may be useful for us, or we may take him as a son,” while they were unaware [of what was going to happen] (28.9).

The heart of Moses’ mother became void; she would have revealed it (the secret) had We not strengthened her heart to be one of the believers (28.10).

She said to his sister: “Trace him,” so she observed him from afar while they [with whom Moses was] were unaware (28.11).

We had forbidden foster mothers for him before. She (his sister) said: “Shall I show you a household who could rear him for you and take good care of him” (28.12)?

So We returned him to his mother so that she be comforted and not grieve, and to know that Allah’s promise is true, but most of them (people) do not know (28.13).


Life and Islam (Giving Up Islam)

Today I would like to share my thoughts that came to my mind after yesterday’s subh (morning) prayer and I’ve written them down in a note book so that I won’t forget them once I wake up from sleep

Life is like a bus. You travel on this bus to your destination. During the process of traveling, you drop some passengers and you take new passengers at certain bus stops. Yet you do not get sad about those that have got off their bus and you still continue your journey to your destination.

In our lives we meet new people and we lose some others even if we love them. Yet we can’t give up our lives and be disappointed. We still need to continue our journey of life because this journey hasn’t come to an end yet.

In this life we can lose anything, just name it

  • Job
  • Wealth
  • Heath
  • Education
  • Beauty
  • Fame
  • Power
  • Mind
  • Silaturrahim (ties of kinship)
  • Etc…………

But we can never lose one thing: which is the knowledge that we gain since birth. So why don’t you concentrate on increasing your knowledge of Islam and help those who need it.

Life is synonymous with

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Test
  • Disappointment

But with good knowledge of Islam and correct guidance from Quran and Sunnah, Allah will provide you with all that’s best in your journey down Allah’s path.

Why do we need to be tested by Allah s.w.t ?

Even if you are a school, college or university student, you will have to sit for a test almost every week, month or year to find out about your educational level. Likewise, Allah always tests those whom He loves so that they can know who they are,  where they stand as to the  the level of their iman (faith) and how to boost this iman.

Please remember one thing: Allah tests you according to what you can handle.

Do not question “Why are others not subjected to this test and why am I particularly chosen to face it? Doesn’t Allah love me?”

The answer is simply that this test can only be handled by you and not by others. Allah is subjecting you to this particular test because He loves you so much and He is helping you strengthen your iman.

In such a weak situation, beware of giving in to shaitan (satan). Turn to Allah and beg for His help because Allah loves those who beg Him.

Once you have solved your problem and you have passed Allah’s test, do not forget to say Alhamdulilahi Rab-bil Alamin

Please be a grateful person and that is the basic courtesy of life-To thank those have helped you.

Some of us might really go through an extremely tough time and might think of giving up Islam and one’s faith in Allah. But do you think that one’s problems can be solved by  doing so? In fact, by giving up Islam you are literally committing suicide.

Who can solve your problem if it is not Allah? Allah s.w.t is the One who tested you and gave you the problem and it’s only He that can help you solve it. The more tests you face, the closer you should get to Allah and that is what a wise Muslim should do.

This dunya (world) is not eternal and neither are your pain and suffering. You must go through all these difficulties in order to gain Jannah.

Jannah is not an easy task, yet it is not a difficult one.

We should not live our lives our way, but should rather live according to Allah’s way. If you act smart and do everything your way, you will never win neither in dunya nor the hereafter.

Let’s be winners who win both in this dunya and the hereafter and that is the goal/objective of every Muslim.

The following tips are nothing but my own personal advice and are far from being a  fatwa. If I am wrong, may Allah forgive me.

Strengthen your iman by praying the 5 obligatory prayers on time. Those who do not pray are regarded as disbelievers, because it’s the salah (prayer) that marks the e the difference between a Muslim and a kaffir

  • Do sunnah fasting (Mondays and Thursdays). Those who fast can learn how to be patient and thus and can control their lust and evil desires.
  • Recite the Quran. If can’t recite, at least listen to Quran recitation. It is ok if you do not understand the Quran in the beginning, but the Quran recitation is the key to a calm,peaceful soul.
  • Perform extra prayer (sunnah, nawafil), especially night prayers if possible and make strong du’a (supplication) at this moment. In fact, it is a blessing to cry in front of Allah and just let go all your pain through your tears.
  • Do dzikir( remembrance of Allah) as much as possible, because dzikir is one way to clear away your sins even if they are  as much as the foam of the sea.
  • You can also use the internet chatting to have Islamic discussion (a mic will be needed),where you can discuss different Islamic issues, Glorify Allah, and talk about the Prophet pbuh. This is how you can see and share the beauty of Islam. Besides, when you have Islamic discussion and Glorification of Allah, angels will be there around you listening to your discussion, filling the place with peace and reporting this to Allah to have it added to your rewards insha’Allah (God willing).
  • Brothers should go to the mosque as frequently as possible and interact with other righteous brothers.

Insha’Allah after reading this, we should know by now all our duties.

Life is too short to give up your faith. Make full use of this short life and earn more hassanat (rewards) to secure your place in Jannah.

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