Shahadah in American Sign Language(ASL)

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Ibn Al-Qayyim** levels of Prayer/Salah** (Fiqh, Tafseer)

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said,
“And mankind, with regard to their performance of prayer are in five levels.”

The First

The level of the one who is negligent and wrongs his soul. He is the one who falls short in performing ablution properly, performing the prayer upon its time and within its specified limits, and in fulfilling its essential pillars.

The Second:

The one who guards his prayers upon their proper times and within their specified limits, fulfils their essential pillars and performs his ablution with care. However, his striving is wasted due to whisperings in his prayer so he is taken away by thoughts and ideas.

The Third:

The one who guards his prayers within the specified limits, fulfils their essential pillars and strives with himself to repel the whisperings, thoughts and ideas. He is busy struggling against his enemy (Shaitan) so that he does not steal from the prayer. On account of this he is engaged in (both) prayer and jihad.

The Fourth:

The one who stands for the prayer, completes and perfects its due rights, its essential pillars, performs it within its specified limits and his heart becomes engrossed in safeguarding its rights and specified limits, so that nothing is wasted from it. His whole concern is directed towards its establishment, its completion and its perfection, as it should be. His heart is immersed in the prayer and in enslavement to his Lord, the Exalted.

The Fifth:

The one who stands for the prayer like the one mentioned above. However, on top of this, he has taken and placed his heart in front of his Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, looking towards Him with his heart with anticipation, (his heart) filled with His love and His might, as if he sees and witnesses Allah. The whisperings, thoughts and ideas have vanished and the coverings which are between him and his Lord are raised. What is between this person and others with respect to the prayer, is superior and greater than what is between the heavens and the earth. This person is busy with his Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, delighted with Him.

The first type will be punished, the second type will be held to account, the third will have his sins and shortcomings expiated, the fourth will be rewarded and the fifth will be close to his Lord, because he will receive the portion of the one who makes his prayer the delight and pleasure of his eye. Whoever makes his prayer the delight and pleasure of his eye, will have the nearness to his Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, made the delight and pleasure of his eye in the hereafter. He will also be made a pleasure to the eye in this world since whoever makes Allah the pleasure of his eye in this world, every other eye will become delighted and pleased with him.

source: salahdin(TTI)

The First Ten Days of Zul-Hijjah


Significance of the First Ten Days of Zul Hijjah

1. Allah has taken oath of ten nights in Soorah Al-Fajr. According to the majority of the commentators of Qur’ãn, the nights are those of the (first) ten days of Zul Hijjah.

2. Abdullah Ibne ‘Abbãs radiyallahu anhu related that the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “Good deeds performed on other days are not superior to those performed on these (first ten days of Zul Hijjah).” The Companions radiyallahu anhum inquired, “Not even Jihãd?” He replied, “Not even jihãd, except for that person who goes out putting himself and his wealth in danger and does not return with anything.” (Bukhãri)

3. Abdullah Ibne ‘Abbãs radiyallahu anhu narrated that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “On no other days are good deeds more liked by Allah than on these ten days (i.e. The first ten days of Zul Hijjah).” The Sahãbah radiyallahu anhum asked, ” O Rasoolullah ! Not even Jihãd in the Way of Allah?” Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam replied, “Not even Jihãd in the Way of Allah, except for that person who goes out with his life and wealth and does not return with anything.” (Aboo Dãwood, Tirmizi, Ibne Mãjah)

4. Aboo Hurayrah radiyallahu anhu related that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “On no days is the worship of Allah desired more than in the (first) ten days of Zul Hijjah. The fast of each of these days is equal to the fast of a whole year, and the worship of each of these nights is equal to the worship of Laylatul Qadr.” (Tirmizi, Ibne Mãjah)

5. The mother of the believers, Hafsah radiyallahu anhaa reports that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam used to fast the (first) nine days of Zul Hijjah. (Nasã’ee, Ahmad, Aboo Dãwood) 

6. Abdullah Ibne ‘Umar radiyallahu anhu related that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “No days are as weighty with Allah and so liked by Him for good deeds than the first ten days of Zul Hijjah. So on these days increasingly read Subhãnallah, Lã ilãha illallãh, Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar.” (Musnad Ahmad)

 Virtues of the Day of Arafah (9th Zul Hijjah)

1. ‘Ã’ishah radiyallahu anhaa reports that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, ” There is no day in which Allah sets free more souls from the fire of hell than on the day of Arafah. And on that day Allah draws near to the earth and by way of exhibiting His Pride remarks to the angels, ‘What is the desire of these (servants of mine)?” (Muslim) 

2. Talhah radiyallahu anhu reports that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “Apart from the day of the Battle of Badr there is no day on which the Shaytãn is seen to be more humiliated, more rejected, more depressed and more infuriated, than on the day of Arafah, and indeed all this is only because of beholding the abundance of descending mercy (on the day) and Allah’s forgiveness of the great sins of the servants.” (Mishkãt)

3. Aboo Qatãdah Al-Ansãri radiyallahu anhu narrated that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam was asked about the fast on the day of Arafah. He said, “It compensates for the (minor) sins of the past and the coming year.” (Muslim, Tirmizi, Ibne Mãjah) 

 Night of ‘Eedul Adh’hã 

The nights of both ‘Eed are described in the Hadeeth as amongst the great and sacred nights in the Muslim calendar. To remain awake on the nights of ‘Eed and perform ‘ibãdah is a source of great virtue and reward.

1. Aboo Umarah radiyallahu anhu related that ‘Ã’ishah radiyallahu anhaa reports that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “Whosoever stays awake and performs ‘ibãdah (worship) on the nights of the two ‘Eed, with hope for abundant reward (from Allah), his heart will not die on the day (i.e. Qiyãmah) when all hearts will be dead.” (Targheeb)

2. Mu’ãz Ibne Jabal radiyallahu anhu relates that Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “Jannat is wãjib (incumbent) for those who stay awake with the intention of making ‘ibãdah on the following nights: 8th, 9th and 10th of Zul Hijjah, the night of ‘Eedul Fitr and the night of the 15th of Sha’bãn.” (Targheeb)

 Virtues of Qurbãni

Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “There is nothing dearer to Allah during the days of Qurbãni than the sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed animal shall come on the Day of Judgement with its horns, hair, and hooves (to be weighed). The sacrifice is accepted by Allah before the blood reaches the ground. Therefore sacrifice with an open and happy heart.” (Tirmizi, Ibne Mãjah) 

 Takbirãt of Tashreeq

The Takbirãt of Tashreeq are:

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, 

Lã ilãha illallãhu wallahu Akbar, 

Allahu Akbar, Walil lahil hamd.


“Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. There is no deity besides Allah and Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest and all praises are for Allah only.”

On the timing of Takbir

It is wãjib for every adult Muslim to recite these Takbirãt of Tashreeq audibly once after every fardh salaah which is performed with jamã’at (congregation) from the Fajr of 9th Zul Hijjah to the ‘Asr of 13th Zul Hijjah (i.e. total of 23 salãh).

Mas’alah: It is not wãjib for women and shar’ee travellers. But, if they are performing salãh behind an imãm upon whom it is wãjib, then it will become wãjib upon them too. However it is mustahab for them to recite in any case.

Mas’alah: Women should not say it loudly but softly.

Mas’alah: Takbeer should be recited immediately after concluding the fardh prayer.


source: Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah

I reverted to Islam but my husband didn’t

This is an important issue which has been neglected by many revert sisters. I just would like to say one thing, the greatest blessing is to give up something for the sake  of Allah The Exalted. I know life is difficutlt when sudden changes take place but we shouldn’t forget that everything has been decided and destined by Allah The Exalted.

I will end this post with these quranic verses

The Chapter of al-Qasas  (28.7-13)

We inspired Moses’ mother: “Suckle him, and when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear or grieve; We shall bring him back to you and make him one of the messengers” (28.7).

 Then the people of Pharaoh picked him up [from the river], to become for them an enemy and a sorrow; Pharaoh, Haman, and their soldiers were sinful (28.8).

 The wife of Pharaoh said: “[He will be] a delight for the eye for me and you. Do not kill him. He may be useful for us, or we may take him as a son,” while they were unaware [of what was going to happen] (28.9).

The heart of Moses’ mother became void; she would have revealed it (the secret) had We not strengthened her heart to be one of the believers (28.10).

She said to his sister: “Trace him,” so she observed him from afar while they [with whom Moses was] were unaware (28.11).

We had forbidden foster mothers for him before. She (his sister) said: “Shall I show you a household who could rear him for you and take good care of him” (28.12)?

So We returned him to his mother so that she be comforted and not grieve, and to know that Allah’s promise is true, but most of them (people) do not know (28.13).

A-Z about Zakah

Zakah or Alms is the third pillar of Islam. To know everything about zakah and how to calculate your zakah, please feel free to visit this website in sha Allah :


My New Da’wah Blog

Assalamualikum to all dear readers. I have created a new blog specially for those doing da’wah and as well as to non-Muslims who are doing comparative studies for the sake of searching the truth. At the moment am concentrating on Old Testament and New Testament. In sha Allah in the future I may work on other religions.

Please feel free to use them wisely for the sake of Allah.

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Ramadan Time Management/Ibadah Check List


Here is a simple guideline on how to manage our time in Ramadan so that we have enough time for maximum worship without neglecting our duties towards our family members.


Here you may list down the types of salah you intended to do in Ramadan and the target of Ra’kaah you intended to do in sha Allah.

Example (this is only example and I am not asking anyone to do as below.You may do according to your ability in sha Allah)

  • Do 12 sunnah prayers
  • Do salah duha(2,4,6,8…..)
  • Do taraweeh(11 including 3 rakaah witr.20 rakaah is a “weak” naration(8 rakaah taraweeh+3 rakaah witr=11)

The number of rakaah that were performed in the congregation lead by Tamim Ad-dari and Ubayy bin Ka’b RA as per the decree of Caliph ‘Umar RA is also 11 raakah ,according to an authentic chain of transmitters.(Muwaata, by Imam Malik, chapter:Night Prayer of ramadan,vol 1 p.115)

Offering the Night Prayer or taraweeh prayer in Ramadan in 20 rakaah is a clear contradiction to the practise (Sunnah) of the prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.All reports supporting this number 20 are graded “weak”.The scholars of the hanafi School of Thought have admitted this view.(Muwatta by Imam Muhamamd,chapter:Night Prayer in Ramadan p.138)

Of the references,some of the books quoted mention that 20 rakaah for night prayer is supported from the practice of the Companions. Never the less,all of them unanimously agreed to the view that the confirmed number of rakaah is 11 including the 3 witr prayer,not 20 or more.Another consensus among them is that all the hadith and narrations produced to prove the view of 20 rakaah are weak, an none are acceptable according to Science of Hadith.

source:Hafizsalah-ud-Din Yusuf*Ramadan Rules and related issues* .pg 28-29

  • Do salah tahajud/qiyam layl (2,4,6,8…….)
  • do salah wudoo(u may make 2 intention in one sunnah prayer.example u pray duha and salah wudoo.or you pray tahajud and wudoo.Accoridng to sheikh Al hakim)

Aishah pbuh narrated:

“Allah’s Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam never offered more than 11 ra’kaat in Ramadan or in other months(Al Bukhari and Muslim)

Aishahpbuh was replying to a question raised by the Companion Abu salamah RA who asked her about the exact number for Night Prayer that the prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam offered.From her answer,it was obvious that he always prayed 11 Ra’kaat fro the Night Prayer

,whether it was Ramdan or not

source:Hafizsalah-ud-Din Yusuf*Ramadan Rules and related issues*
  • Do salah taubah
  • Do salah witr (1,3,…..)


Here you may list down the surahs you plan to recite in taraweeh or the surahs you want to recite while waiting for sunrise.

Example(this is only example and I am not asking anyone to do as below.You may do according to your ability in sha Allah)

  • Revise quran for taraweeh prayer after fajr prayer or zohr prayer.
  • Read at least one page of quran after each fard prayer.
  • Recite ayatul kursi after each fard prayer
  • Recite Chapter As-Sajda (32) and Al-Mulk(67) every night before going to bed.
  • Recite Al-Khaf every friday night.
  • Recite one or 2 section of quran everyday(list down and plan daily quran recitation for 30 days so that by the time Ramadan ends,you have complete reciting the whole quran.
  • spend time in reading the quran tafseer as there is no point in reciting if you do not understand the meaning and message Allah said in Quran.For better reflection,please read the tafseer/translation.


Here you may list down the dua or supplication you intended to say daily in Ramadan

Example(this is only example and I am not asking anyone to do as below.You may do according to your ability in sha Allah)

  • dua for breaking the fast

This invocation which is confirmed as our Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam used to say upon his breaking fast:

“Dhahabaz-zamau wabtallatil-‘urqu, wa thabata lajru, in sha’ Allah”
(The thirst is gone, and the veins replenished, and the reward is confirmed, if Allah wills)

Moreover, this Hadith is authentic.[It was recorded by Abu Dawud and others. It was graded Hasan by Shaikh Al-Albani in Al-Irwaa’ Al-Ghaleel, No.920)

  • dua after completing one’s meal
  • supplication in prayer from the quran (it is somewhere in tti.please make a search for those supplications)
  • increase your supplication in this month especialy upon breaking fast

“The supplication of a fasting person upon breaking his fast, will not be rejected.” (Ibn Majah, graded authentic by Shaikh Al-Albani in Sahih Sunan Majah Ibn Majah, No. 1432)

  • supplication at night prayers


Here you may list down the sunnahs that you intended to do in Ramadan in sha Allah.

Example(this is only example and I am not asking anyone to do as below.You may do according to your ability in sha Allah)

  • Read as much duas as possible for each actions
  • break the fast with 3 dates,or 3 dry dates or 3 draughts of water,then pray maghrib and sunnah then begin you real meal.

“Allah’s Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam used to break his fast before offering Maghrib (sunset) prayer with three fresh dates; if there were no fresh dates, he would eat three dry dates; and if there were no dry dates, he would take three draughts of water.”(Abu dawud and others, graded authentic by Shaikh Al-Albani in Sahih Sahih Al-Jami’ As-Saghir,No. 4995)

  • delay your pre-dawn meal(sahoor)

“The difference between our fasting and that of the People of the Scriotures is the Suhoor (Pre-dawn meal).” (Muslim)
“Taking the pre-dawn meal in Ramadan is a blessing, so do not leave it, even by drinking a mouthful of water. For Allah the Noble and the Mighty, and His angels send blessing over those who have taken the pre-dawn meal”(Ahmad, graded wuthentic by Shaikh Al-Albani in Sahih Al-Jami’ As-Saghir,No. 3683)

  • immediately break your fast after sunset.(iftar)
“People will continue to adhere to good as long as the hasten to break the fast.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
  • please read on prophet’s sunnah where you can find a list of his sunnah.



Here you may list down the behavior you may avoid doing in this month

Example(this is only example and I am not asking anyone to do as below.You may do according to your ability in sha Allah)

  • Foul language
  • arguments and debates
  • anger
  • harshness in speaking
  • keep yourself away from sinful things
  • let all your body parts fast in this month.
  • see good,speak good,hear good,walk to good places,touch good things,think good and feel good.


Here you may list down the types of charity you intended to do through of the 30 days in sha Allah

Example(this is only example and I am not asking anyone to do as below.You may do according to your ability in sha Allah)

  • Day 1 give… to ….
  • Day 2 give…. to ….
  • Day 3 give…to …. etc
  • You may out some dates,juice/water some bread or chciken or a complete meal in a take away bag and give to your sons to distribute them among poor people before the breaking fast time
  • make it a target of giving charity every day accoridng to ur capability.


Here you may list down whom you are goin to invite over to your house for breaking fast.

Example(this is only example and I am not asking anyone to do as below.You may do according to your ability in sha Allah)

  • Day 1 husband’s side
  • day 2 wife’s side
  • day three neighbor A
  • day 4 neighbor B…etc

“He who provides a fasting person something with which to break his fast, and he who eqips a fighter(in the way of Allah with arms,etc.) will earn the same reward as the one who was doing it.” (At-Tarmidhi, graded authentic by Shaikh Al-Albani in Sahih At-Targhib, No.1072)





  • stay awake from fajr till sunrise and perform duha prayer after sunrise
  • while waiting for sunrise do dzikr,read quran……
  •  (Whoever prays fajr-morning prayers-in congregation, then sits remembering Allah until the sun rises, then prays two rakats, he will receive the reward of hajj, and umrah – complete, complete, complete.) [Saheeh Al Jaami` and corrected by al-Albani]



       Here you may list down the dzikirs you may do in ramadan

       Example(this is only example and I am not asking anyone to do as below.You may do according to your ability in sha Allah)


    • subahana Allah 33X
    • Alhamdulilah 33 X
    • Allahu akhbar 33 X
    • give salawat/blessings to our beloved prophet pbuh
    • istighfar 70 or 100 times
    • read on the types of dzikir we can do according to the sunnah

    A Day in A Faster’s Life -Multilanguages-

    This is a great Ramadan reminder that I received from a friend.May Allah bless her with great rewards for sharing.Ameen.

    It is in a few languages:

    • ARABIC
    • FRENCH
    • DUTCH


    A Day in a Faster’s Life

    (Ramadhan Projects)

    Do you want to protect yourself from the thirst of 50.000 years on the Day of Judgment?

    When you fast one day in Ramadhan, this means you fast for 14 hours = 50.000 seconds. Do you imagine that these 50.000 seconds protect you from the thirst of 50.000 years on the Day of Judgment?

    This means that one second in Ramadhan equals an entire year of the years of thirst and heat on the Day of Judgment!!

    Dear brother and sister, Ramadhan, once missed, cannot be recovered. It is enough that you missed many Ramadhans in your life. If you fell once, rise up and do not despair.

    Let this Ramadhan be as if it were the last in your life. So, whet your resolution and start Ramadhan projects with us as much as possible:

    Project (1): How to be a multi-millionaire in 30 days

    • Do you know that the good deeds of reciting the whole Qur’an on regular days = 3.3 million good deeds (it means that it cancels 3.3 million bad deeds).
    • Multiplication of good deeds in Ramadhan makes the reward of umrah in Ramadhan = the reward of performing hajj with the Prophet (Peace be upon him).
    • Then, what about the recitation of the whole Qur’an in Ramadhan? Here are hundreds of millions of good deeds in your hands. Would you let them go, then you shall regret every single good deed you lost on the Day of Judgment? Recitation of the whole Qur’an will make your balance more than that of millionaires and billionaires!!

    Project (2): Ramadhan has changed me

    (Taraweeh) preparation project)

    Taraweeh is: the restful night prayer in Ramadhan

    • Prepare the part of the Qur’an to be recited at night during the taraweeh prayer. Read it after afternoon prayer with deliberation and reflection and you will realize the profound difference in your concentration at taraweeh prayer. (In this way, you will achieve two recitations of the whole Qur’an: the one at taraweeh and the one after afternoon prayer).
    • If possible, read the interpretation of that part or listen to a cassette on the same topic. Then you would achieve a rare recitation of the whole Qur’an: study recitation. You can then say that there is a real change in Ramadhan.

    Do not say that this is difficult … (The average length of the interpretation of each part of the Qur’an in -Sa’di’s Interpretation- is only 29 pages).

    Project (3): Lost Treasure

    • · Many people waste their time after iftar although that if you read just one part of the Qur’an you will recite the whole Qur’an during the month. What prevents you from doing that: is it a comic program? Or an interview with an artist?

    Project (4): What are you waiting for, brother? (Repentance Knights)

    • Promise Allah (the Almighty) in Ramadhan to repent every day from a certain sin and never perpetrate it again. On the first day, give up smoking; on the second, give up forbidden mingling with the other sex; on the third, stop listening to the forbidden songs; on the fifth, clean your mobile and hard desk from anything that can cause Allah’s  wrath etc.  (Try as much as possible to use television and the Internet beneficially in Ramadhan, and ever after).

    Project (5): What are you waiting for, sister? (Ramadhan Female Knights)

    • · Wear full hijab in Ramadhan, that of Lady Fatimah and Lady ‘Aishah (May Allah be pleased with them). For if you do not obtain Allah’s mercy while all doors of paradise and the seven heavens are open, when then?

    Project (6): Night Worshippers (Knights of Night Vigil Prayers)

    • Read this amazing hadith: (Every night in Ramadhan, Allah descends to the nearest heaven and asks: Is there no one asking forgiveness that I may forgive him? Is there no one asking sustenance that I may grant him sustenance? Is there no one under trial that I may relieve him? Is there not such-and-such, is there not such-and-such, and so forth until dawn rises.’) [Narrated by Ibn Majah with a weak chain and corrected by al-Albani.]
    • Allah (the Almighty) descends every night of the year during the last third of the night but in Ramadhan it is two thirds. Night in Ramadhan is a valuable opportunity for relief and forgiveness. What a chance for all of us!!
    • · You can sleep tight only if you do not have sins, if you do not need anything from Allah (the Almighty), and if you do not long for the nearness of Allah in Paradise.

    Project (7): First Kick

    • · Let the beginning of the month the strongest. Once Ramadhan starts whet your resolution and insist that the first night would be the night Allah (the Almighty) protects you from hellfire. Let every night in Ramadhan be like that. (Every night Allah frees people from hellfire.) [Corrected by al-Alabni] You have 60 chances for protection from hellfire: every day and every night. One of them is enough; let it be!!

    Project (8): Daily Seven Hajjs (pilgrimages) in Ramadhan

    • 5 hajjs: do you know that if you go to perform ablution once you hear athan (prayer call) and then head to the mosque to pray, you will have the reward of hajj. (Whoever walks to an obligatory prayer in congregation, it is like hajj, and whoever walks to a voluntary prayer, it is like a voluntary umrah.) (Saheeh Al Jaami` and corrected by al-Albani). The woman at home has the same reward.
    • Another hajj: (Whoever prays fajr-morning prayers-in congregation, then sits remembering Allah until the sun rises, then prays two rakats, he will receive the reward of hajj, and umrah – complete, complete, complete.) [Saheeh Al Jaami` and corrected by al-Albani] This means you will have the reward of 30 times of hajj and umrah in Ramadhan.
    • · Another hajj: the Prophet (Peace be upon him) once said that the reward of attending a scholarly lesson is like that of hajj. If you pray taraweeh and listen to the brief sermon among the rakats, this would be a lesson. Be sensible and do not waste the reward of seven times of hajj daily.

    Project (9): Keys of Allah’s Treasures

    • Do you know that in Ramadhan you have 60 supplications that will be rewarded? This means that 60 problems of your life can be solved or 60 dreams can come true. (For every Muslim, there is a rewarded supplication on every day and night) [Corrected by al-Albani].
    • If the richest person in the world gave you 60 blank checks, you would be in the air!! Allah (the Almighty) gives you 60 rewarded supplications.

    (Keep a small supplications booklet in your pocket and read in order not to waste the keys of Allah’s treasures).

    Project (10): The Night of Life

    The Night of Power is 12 hours that are better than one thousand months, that is, better than 720.000 hours (3/4 million hours). During that Night the hour is better than 60.000 hours (the ayah of the Qur’an during that Night is better than 60.000 ayahs in other nights and the rak’a is better than 60.000 rakats etc.) Indeed, (the one deprived from its bliss is the deprived indeed) [Hadith Sahih]

    It is really life night, visit your relatives, invite people to iftar (time of eating after fasting), call those you have a problem with, pray as much as possible, and forgive those who have wronged you.

    Project (11): Be a Companion

    (An umrah in Ramadhan is like accompanying me on hajj). [Sahih al-Bukhari] Only umrah in Ramadhan can make you like the Companions in accompanying the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

    Project (12): Increase and Extend your Sustenance

    Do you have a problem in sustenance? Do you search for a rewarding job? Do you want a good husband? Do you want to have children? Do you want a good wife? (Whoever wants an increase in his sustenance and that the marks of his feet remain for a long time in the world (i.e. to live long) – he should be kind and helpful to his relatives.) Do not forget to invite your relatives and neighbors for iftar in Ramadhan.

    Project (13): 30 Places in Paradise

    These are not 30 palaces in the Riviera or the Northern Coast; they are in Paradise. Observe 12 rakats of sunnah every day (2 before fajr, 4 before noon and 2 after, 2 after maghrib, and 2 after isha.)

    Project (14): Fasting Insurance

    Every faster you invite for iftar gives you the reward of another fasting day in Ramadhan and the reward of one day can be multiplied by ten. If you invite 36 fasters it is as if you fasted 360 days, that is, as if you made the whole year an elongated Ramadhan. (Do not forget Ramadhan charity bag, putting date boxes at the Mosque, giving people date while going to the mosque, iftar of people on highways, and other situations).

    Project (15): Da’wah Knights

    • Allah (the Almighty) helped the Companions in Ramadhan and they won in the Battle of Badr and the Conquest of Makkah, so what victory will Allah help you to achieve in Ramadhan?
    • Ramadhan is the month in which the sinners would like to listen to religion; so, seize this opportunity and struggle with your money and effort. Distribute cassettes and CDs among the undevouts and let them promise to listen to them. Distribute the copies of the Qur’an among your friends to get the reward.

    Project (16): Intensive Care Project

    I’tikaaf (seclusion) in the last ten days; the lives of many youth changed due to I’tikaaf and the writer is among them. Try that in order to be brought up again during these days.

    Project (17): Direction of the Monies of Zakaat and Charity

    • Islam Call Society (Tableegh al-Islam) which helped thousands to embrace Islam.

    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters everywhere do not let anything divert you away from good deeds in Ramadhan. Do not forget to call non-Muslims to Islam politely and decently through your words and deeds and prayer for them.




    يوم في حياة صائم ( مشاريع رمضان )

    بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله –صلى الله عليه وسلم – … أخي الحبيب … كل عام وأنتم بخير …

    * هل تريد أن تحمي نفسك  من عطش 50.000 سنة يوم القيامة ؟؟

    عندما تصوم يوما في رمضان  فإنك تصوم 14  ساعة  أي =50000 ثانية    تقريبًا

    فهل تتخيل أن صوم 50000 ثانية في رمضان  يقيك عطش 50000 سنة يوم القيامة ؟؟؟

    أي ان الثانية الواحدة في رمضان بسنة كاملة من سنوات الحر والعطش يوم القيامة !!!!!

    *  أخي الحبيب … إذا فاتك رمضان ….لن يعوض … ألا يكفي كل رمضان ضاع في حياتك من قبل …إذا وقعت فقم … لا تيأس … اجعله كأنه آخر رمضان في حياتك  واشحذ عزمك وانطلق معنا في هذه المشاريع قدر وسعك:-

    ** مشروع كيف تربح المليار في 30 يوم :

    • هل تعلم أن حسنات ختمة قرآن واحدة في الأيام العادية = 3,3 مليون حسنة إذا تقبلها الله – سبحانه وتعالى – ( أي تمحو 3,3 مليون سيئة  ( … ومضاعفة الحسنات في رمضان جعلت ثواب العمرة في رمضان = ثواب الحج مع رسول الله !! …
    • فما بالك بثواب ختمة القرآن في رمضان ؟؟؟ مئات الملايين من الحسنات بين يديك فهل ستضيعها ثم تندم على الحسنة الواحدة يوم الفزع الأكبر ؟ هكذا رصيدك أعلى من رصيد أصحاب شركات المحمول والملتي ناشيونال جروبز !!

    ** مشروع ضربة البدء :

    • اجعل بداية الشهر هي أقوى مافي الشهر كله ..فور بداية أول ليلة في رمضان .. اشحذ عزمك وصمم أن تكون هذه الليلة هي ليلة العتق من النار … من أول ليلة بإذن الله ..وكل ليلة فور الإفطار اعزم أن تكون هذه الليلة هي ليلة العتق من النار  …( إن لله تبارك وتعالى عتقاء في كل يوم وليلة ( صححه الألباني ..أمامك 60 فرصة للعتق من النار في كل يوم فرصة وفي كل ليلة فرصة …

    يعني في رمضان :- إذا صحت ليلة واحدة …..انقاذ لمصيرك كله …  إذا صح يوم واحد ….. إنقاذ لمصيرك كله .

    ** مشروع رمضان غيرني ( مشروع التحضير للتراويح )

    • قم بتحضير الجزء الذي ستسمعه ليلا في صلاة التراويح بقراءته بعد العصر بتدبر وخشوع .. وسترى الفارق الكبير في خشوعك في التراويح (هكذا أنت تسير في ختمتين معا .. ختمة سماع في التراويح و ختمة تلاوة بعد العصر ) … وإن استطعت أن تقرأ في تفسير هذا الجزء أو تسمع شريطاً في تفسيره لنلت ختمة نَدَرَ … من يطبقها  اليوم !!! … وهي ختمة المدارسة …. وهكذا حقا …… يأتي التغيير في رمضان …( متوسط تفسير الجزء في تفسير السعدي 29 صفحة فقط للجزء الواحد )

    ** مشروع مفاتيح خزائن الله

    • هل تعلم أن لك في رمضان 60 دعوة مستجابة يعنى أن 60 مشكلة من مشاكل حياتك يمكن أن تحل , 60حلمًا من أحلام حياتك يمكن أن يتحقق …(ولكل مسلم في كل يوم وليلة دعوة مستجابة ) صححه الألباني …لو أن أغنى أغنياء العالم أعطاك 60 شيك على بياض – كيف يكون فرحك ؟_ولله المثل الأعلى_ الله أعطاك 60 دعوة مستجابة لكل يوم وليلة
    • غير حياتك في نصف ساعة : ( احتفظ بكتيب دعاء في جيبك واقرأ فيه بتضرع كل يوم ولا تضيع مفاتيح خزائن الله في حياتك )

    ** مشروع حج مع رسول الله –صلى الله عليه وسلم-:

    ( عمرة في رمضان كحجة معي ( لا يوجد عمل يجعلك مع رسول الله كالصحابة مثل عمرة في رمضان

    ** مشروع زيادة الأرزاق وتوسيعها :

    عندك مشكلة في الرزق ؟؟ تريد وظيفة مجزية ؟؟ تريدين زوجًا ؟؟ تريدين ذرية وأولاد ؟؟ تريد زوجة ؟؟؟ (من أراد أن يبسط له في رزقه وينسأ له في أثره فليصل رحمه )…لاتنسى عزومة على الإفطار لرحمك وجيرانك .

    ** مشروع 30 قصر في الجنة :

    ليس 30 قصرًا في الساحل الشمالى أو سواحل هاواي أو نيس الفرنسية…بل في الجنة …حافظ كل يوم على 12 ركعة سنة رواتب ( 2 قبل الفجر/ 4 قبل الظهر و 2 بعده / 2 بعد المغرب / 2 بعد العشاء(

    ** مشروع 7 حجات يومياً في رمضان :

    5 حجات : هل تعلم أنك إذا سمعت الأذان فقمت فوراً فتوضأت وانطلقت فوراً إلى المسجد فصليت فيه الفريضة لك ثواب حجة ( من خرج من بيته متطهرا إلى صلاة مكتوبة فأجره أجر الحاج المحرم)صححه الألباني .. ((وللنساء نفس الأجر في منزلها إن شاء الله إذا صحت نيتها بطاعة الله ورسوله بالقرار في البيت وهي راضيه )

    • حجة أخرى : ( من صلى صلاة الغداة “أي الفجر” في جماعة ثم جلس يذكر الله حتى تطلع الشمس ثم قام فصلى ركعتين انقلب بأجر حجة وعمرة ) صححه الألباني …… جلسة الضحى وحدها تفوز بسببها بأجر 30 حجة وعمرة في رمضان .
    • حجة أخرى ..صح عن رسول الله ص  أن حضور درس علم له أجر حجة …صلى التراويح في مسجد فيه كلمة بين الركعات  فهي تقوم مقام درس العلم بإذن الله…. هل هناك عاقل يضيع سبع حجات يومياً !!!

    ** مشروع الكنز الضائع :

    غالب  الناس  يضيع الساعة التي بعد الإفطار رغم  أنك لو قرأت فيها جزءاً من كتاب الله لقرأت فيها على مدى الشهر ختمة كاملة ؟؟؟   فماذا يعطلك عن ثواب ختمة كاملة ؟؟!! هل يعوضك عن ذلك برنامج كوميدي ؟؟أو حوار مع فنان ؟؟

    ** مشروع رهبان الليل ( فرسان التهجد (

    اقرأ هذا الحديث المبهر ( إن الله ليمهل في شهر رمضان كل ليلة حتى اذا ذهب ثلث الليل الأول هبط إلى السماء ثم قال هل من سائل يُعطى هل من مستغفر يُغفر له هل من تائب يُتاب عليه ) صححه الألباني ….أكثر مايبهر هنا أن الله ينزل في غير رمضان على أشهر الأقوال كل ليلة في الثلث الأخير من الليل أما في رمضان فيتنزل في آخر ثلثين من الليل , فمعظم الليل في رمضان فرصة هائلة لتفريج الكربات ونيل العطاءات فيا لها من فرصة لا تعوض ؟؟ … نم ..لو لم يكن عندك ذنب ..نم ..لو لم تكن محتاجاً لأي شيء من الله..نم..لو  لم تكن مشتاقا الى جوار الله في الفردوس .

    ** مشروع ليلة العمر :

    ليلة القدر 12 ساعة خير من ألف شهر … أي خير من 720.000ساعة أي ( 3/4 مليون ساعة ) … إذا ساعة   فيها أفضل من 60.000 ساعةآية القرآن فيها أعلى من 60.000 آية والركعة فيها أعلى من 60.000 ركعة و تفطير صائم فيها أعلى من 60.000 تفطير صائم في غيرها …حقا ..( من حرم خيرها فهو المحروم ) حديث صحيح … إنها حقاً ليلة العمر … فطر فيها الصائمين … وصل رحمك ولو بالهاتف …. وصالح كل من بينك وبينه مشاحنة ولو بالهاتف … واقرأ القرآن … وصلى فيها حتى تتفطر قدماك كرسول الله ص…  ومن أفضل العبادات فيها أن تعفوعن كل من ظلمك … وسل الله العفو فإن الجزاء من جنس العمل ( اللهم انك عفو تحب العفو فاعفو عنا )

    ** مشروع التأمين على الصيام:

    كل صائم تفطره كأنك صمت يوماً آخر من رمضان واليوم بعشرة ( فلو فطـّرتَ 36 صائما كأنك صمت 360يوما أي جعلت السنة كلها رمضان  (لا تنسى : شنطة رمضان , وضع علب التمر في المسجد , تفطِير الصائمين بالتمر وأنت ذاهب للمسجد , مشروع التفطير على الطرق السريعة والمواقف بالمال والجهد ) وأبشر بعدة رمضانات في ميزانك .

    ** مشروع فرسان الدعوة :

    أخطر موسم يريد كل من له معصيه سماع الدين فيه هو رمضان فيجب أن ننتهز الفرصة..جاهد بمالك وجهدك في توزيع الأشرطة وCD على غير الملتزمين والسائقين والمواقف وأصحاب المحلات (عاهدهم أن يسمعوها )… وزع المصاحف الصغيرة الفاخرة في رمضان مقابل القراءة فيها… ادعو  2 من أصحابك طيلة الشهر ليضاف حسناتهم في ميزانك .

    ** مشروع فرسان رمضان :

    عاهد الله في رمضان أن تتوب كل يوم من ذنب معين لا تعود إليه بعدها أبدا بإذن الله …فأول يوم .. عاهد الله على ترك التدخين , وثاني يوم .. عاهد الله على ترك الإختلاط كله , وثالث يوم .. عاهد الله على ترك الأغاني المحرمة كلها….طهر محمولك والهارد ديسك من أي شيء يغضب الله … وهكذا ….( لتنفذ كل هذا قاطع الشاشتين  في رمضان .. شاشة النت وشاشة  الدش (

    ** مشروع فارسات رمضان :

    لابد من ارتداء الحجاب الكامل في رمضان , الحجاب الشرعي حجاب عائشة وفاطمة ..اذا لم تدخلي في رحمة الله وأبواب الجنة كلها مفتوحة وأبواب الرحمة كلها مفتوحة .. وأبواب السماوات السبع مفتوحة ….  فمتى ستدخلين؟؟؟!!

    ** مشروع العناية المركزة ( اعتكاف العشر الأواخر )

    • كم من شباب رأيناهم تغيرت حياتهم تماما بسبب الاعتكاف وكاتب هذه السطور واحد منهم … اعتكف في مسجد فيه دعاة متفرغين لتربيتك في هذه الأيام . ( احرص على الاعتكاف ولا تتركه )

    ** مشروع فرسان الذكر :

    ( سبحان الله والحمد لله ولا إله إلا الله والله أكبر … أحب الكلام إلى الله ) كل كلمة بشجرة في الجنة … كل كلمة أعظم عند الله من جبل أحد … كل كلمة تصعد إلى العرش ستذكر بها عند الله … قل هذه الكلمات في جلسة الضحى , وأثناء سيرك في الطريق … ولا تضيع ثوابها العظيم .

    ** ماذا بعد رمضان ؟؟

    عاهد الله في الإعتكاف على عبادة لا تتركها أبدًا بعد رمضان ( صيام , قيام ساعة كل ليلة , ورد قرآن ثابت ) … وعاهده على ثغر من ثغور نصرة الإسلام انذر حياتك لنصرة الدين من خلاله .. حتى يصبح كل رمضان نقطة تغيير حقيقية في علاقتك بالله .

    أحبابنا من المسلمين والمسلمات في بلاد الغرب .. لاتدعوا  أي شيء يشغلكم عن الله في رمضان .. ولا  تنسوا دعوة غير المسلمين إلى الإسلام  بأقوالكم وأخلاقكم  ودعائكم لهم .

    موقع الطريق إلى الله



    День из жизни постящийся

    (Планы   Рамадана)

    Хочешь ли ты защитить себе от 50000 летней жажды в день страшного суда?

    Когда постишься один день в Рамадан, то будешь поститься всего 14 – часов, которые равняются 50000 секунд. Можешь ли ты представить себе, что 50000 секундный пост одного дня в Рамадане, сохранит тебе от 50000 летной жажды в день страшного суда? Иными словами одно секунда поста в Рамадане, равняется одному году  жары и жажды в День страшного суда.

    Дорогой брат! Если пропустишь Рамадан, то не возместишь. Достаточно тебе тех месяцев  Рамадана, которые пропустил прежде …..

    Не теряй надежду!!! Предполагай, что это последний Рамадан в твоей жизни. Устреми всю свою волю и начни снами действовать по этим планам, по мере возможности.

    План: Как стать мульти миллионером за 30- дней.

    Знаешь ли ты о том, что один раз прочтение всего Корана в обыкновенных днях равняется 3,3 млн. благих дел (хасанат). (То есть удаляет 3,3 млн. прегрешений (сайиат)) Благие дела во время Рамадана умножается, из-за этого награда Умры в этот месяц равна Хаджу совершенного  с Пророком Аллаха.

    Если это, так то, что можно говорить  о наградах  прочтения всего Корана в Рамадан? сотни миллионов Хасанат (вознаграждение) перед тобой, будешь ли тереть их? А затем в день страшного Суда будешь сожалеть за каждый потерянный Хасана? И так может стать твой баланс превыше баланса владельцев мобильных Фирм и мульти национальных групп.

    План: Рамадан изменил мне (Подготовка к молитве Тарауих)                                      После как совершишь после полуденную молитву, прочитай часть Корана, которая будет читаться в молитве Тарауих стараясь вникать в его смысли и размышляя над ними. И ты увидишь большую разницу в твоей покорности во время совершения Тарауиха. И так ты сможешь  завершить прочтение всего Корана два раз вместе……. завершение посредством слушание во время совершения  Тарауиха и прочтения Корана после послеполуденной молитвы. Если сможешь слушать кассету или читать толкование этой части Корана, то сделай, чтобы смог  получить награду прочтения всего Корана с изучением его смыслов. В наше время очень редко встретишь того, кто бы применял этот способ чтения. И так приходят изменения в Рамадане. Не говори, что это является трудным. (В среднем толкование одной часть (джуз) Корана в книге толковании Ас- Саади это только 29 страниц)!

    План: Потерянные сокровища.

    Большинство людей утрачивают свое время после Ифтара, хотя можно было бы  прочитать в этот час одну часть Корана, и этим способом тоже можно прочесть весь Коран в течение Рамадана. Что препятствует тебе, получит вознаграждение  за чтение Корана полностью?  Комедийные программы?????   или диалог с артистами?????

    План: Чего ждешь? –  Рыцари покаяние.

    Обещай Аллаху, что будешь каждый день каяться от одного определенного греха, и не будешь возвращаться к нему никогда, с соизволения Аллаха. В первый день обещай Аллаху, что бросишь курить, второй день……..  оставить все запрещение, и в третий день……. обещай Аллаху, что перестанешь слушать запрещенные песни……….  Выброси из своего сотового телефона и дисков все, что разгневает Аллаха Всевышнего.

    И так…….   чтобы осуществить все это игнорируй оба экран, экран интернета  и экран спутниковых каналов.

    План: Чего ждёшь? (для женщин)

    Надень Хиджаб в Рамадане, хиджаб Аиши и Фатимы –да будет Аллах доволен ими обоям – Если не будешь стараться попасть под милость Аллаха в то время как  двери Рая открыты, и все двери милости открыты, и все небесные врата открыты то, когда будешь стараться попасть под его милости?

    План: Рыцари «Тахаджуда»

    Прочитай этот превосходный хадис, в котором сказал Пророк да благословит его Аллах и приветствует:   «Поистине, Аллах каждую ночь в месяц Рамадане будет ждать, пока истечет первая треть ночи, и нисходит к небу и говорит: Есть ли спрашивающий, чтобы даровала-с   ему? Есть ли молящий о прощении, чтобы простила-с ему? Есть ли кающийся, чтобы принимался его покаяния». Удостоверял Хадис Аль – Албани.

    Изумительность в Хадисе является в том, что Аллах Всевышний в не Рамадане исходит к небу земли каждую ночь в последнюю треть ночи, однако в Рамадан он нисходит каждый ночь в последние две треть ночи.

    И так – Рамадан является огромным шансом, для обращения к  Аллаху с мольбами чтобы, избавится от трудности и достичь дарования Аллаха в нём, и какой же это хороший шанс которые ничто не возместит.  Спи, если у тебя нет грехов.…….. Спи, если ты не нуждаешься во что- либо от Аллаха……..  Спи, если ты не желаешь быт рядом с Аллахом в Раю.

    План: Первый шаг

    Сделай так, чтобы начало месяца было самым активным. Как только начнётся первая ночь Рамадана…….  Укрепляй свое намерение, чтобы эта ночь была ночью освобождение от огня Ада……. Начиная с первой ночи, с соизволения Аллаха……и каждый вечер, сразу после ифтара, делай намерение, что эта ночь будет ночью освобождения от Огня.

    «Аллах освобождает, каждый день и ночь некоторых из своих рабов от Огня»

    Удостоверял Хадис Аль – Албани. Перед тобой 60- шансов чтобы освободить себе от огня Ада, каждый день и каждую ночь перед тобой есть шанс. Примется одна ночь, освободишь себя всего, примется один день, освободишь себя всего.     

    План: Ежедневно семь Хаджов в Рамадан.

    5- Хаджев: Знаешь ли, что если ты сразу же после как услышал азан, сделав частичное омовению, и сразу же отправился в мечеть, чтобы совершить обязательную молитву, будет тебе награда Хаджа, как это сказано в Хадисе:

    «Если кто- либо выйдет из своего дома, чтобы совершить обязательную молитву (в мечети), то его награда будет как награда паломника».

    Удостоверял Хадис Аль – Албани. И женщина когда совершать молитву в своём доме, то ее награда  будет такой же, как награда у мужчин. Еще один Хадж:  

    «Если кто- либо совершит утреннюю молитву в мечети и затем  сядет, чтобы прославлять Аллаха да восхода солнца, и затем совершить добровольную молитву (духа)  в два ракаата, его награда достигнет награды Хаджа и Умры».

    Удостоверял Хадис Аль – Албани.                    Получишь по причине одного сиденья во время духа в рамадане, награду 30- Хаджа и Умры.                                                                                                                                                                  Еще один Хадж:

    Говорится в достоверном Хадисе, что награда присутствия на уроке знания является как награда Хаджа.

    Соверши молитву Тарауиха  в мечети, в которой говорят что-либо,  хорошего   между ракаатами, которые заменяет урок изучение науки с соизволения Аллаха………. Здравомыслящий человек будет ли терять семь Хаджев в день?

    План: ключи от сокровищ Аллаха.

    Знаешь того, что ты имеешь 60- принимаемые мольбы в Рамадане?  можешь решить    60- проблем из твоей жизни.  И 60- желаний из твоих желаний могут быть  исполнены.

    «Каждому Мусульманину в каждом дня и ночи есть исполняющаяся мольба» Удостоверял Хадис Аль – Албани.


    Если один богатый из богатейших людей мира, даровал тебе 60- чистых чеков. Какова будет твоя радость????  Аллах даёт тебе 60 – исполняющихся мольбы в каждый день и ночь.    Сохрани у себя в кармане маленькую книжку мольбы и читай ее смиренно каждый день, и не теряй ключи от сокровищ Аллаха в твоей жизни.

    План: Ночь жизни (Лайлатуль-Кадр)

    12- чесов гораздо лучше, чем тысяч месяцев, то есть лучше чем 720.000 часов, (то есть 4,3 млн. часов).  Если один час этой ночи лучше 60.000 часов, то один Аят Корана превыше 60.000 Аята, и совершенный один ракаат молитвы   превыше    60.000 ракаатов и накормить постящегося   превыше 60.000 раз кормления в другое время.

    Действительно………….                                                                                                                                                         «Тот – кто лишится добра этой ночи, то он является лишенным».

    Удостоверял Хадис Аль – Албани

    Эта ночь действительно является ночью жизни ………   Подай Ифтар в ней постящимся укрепи связь со своими родственниками, если даже по телефону, улаживай отношения с каждым с кем у тебя есть взаимная злоба, хотя бы по телефону. Прочитай Коран, и молись в этой ночи, пока не потрескаются твои ноги, как это делал Пророк- да благословит его Аллах и приветствует- Из самых лучших поклонение в нём является, то, что ты простил всех тех- кто  обидел тебя.

    План: Будь как Сподвижники Пророка.

    «Умра во время Рамадана равна  Хаджу, совершенному со мной».

    Нету нечего, чтобы делало тебя похожи на сподвижников , которые совершили Хадж с ним- да благословит его Аллах и приветствует-  как   Умра во время рамадана.

    План: Увеличения и расширения «Ризка»

    У тебя проблема, ты нуждаешься в средствах к существованию? Ты хочешь найти выгодную работу? Ты хочешь выйти замуж? Ты хочешь детей? Ты хочешь жениться??

    «Тот, кто хочет, чтобы расширилось в его средствах к  существованию и удлинилось его жизнь, пусть укрепляет родственные связи».

    Не забудь позвать в гости на Ифтар своих соседей и родственников.

    План: 30- дворцов в Раю.

    30- дворцов не на северном побережье или на побережье  Гавайских остров или на Французской Ницце, а в Раю. Совершай каждый день 12- ракаатов добровольных молитв (2- ракаат перед туренной, молитвой  и 4- перед и 2- после полуденной молитвы и 2- ракаата после вечерней и 2- ракаата после ночной молитвы).

    План: Страхования поста

    Если ты будешь подать ифтар постящегося,  как будто ты соблюдал один день поста.   За каждую постящегося которого ты будешь, кормит  Ифтаром, как будто  ты держал пост еще одного дня  из Рамадана. Так, как один день считается  как десять. Так если ты будешь, кормит  Ифтаром 36- Постящихся то, как будто ты постился 360 дней, то есть, ты сделал вес год Рамаданом.

    Не забудь мешка Рамадана, положи в мечеть пачку фиников, подай постящихся  финики во время твоего отправления в мечеть, чтобы разговлялись, и раздавай финики и напитки постящихся на автомобильных дорогах и на остановках. И прими благу об нескольких месяцах Рамадана на твоих весах.

    План: Призыв к Исламу.

    Аллах даровал победу сподвижникам в месяц Рамадан в Бадре и открыл им Мекку, а что Он откроет через тебя для Ислама в этот месяц Рамадан.                                               Наиболее из важных сезонов, в которых грешники хотят услышать о религии, это месяц Рамадан. И мы должны воспользоваться этой возможностью………..

    Делай джихад своими деньгами и старайся раздавать кассеты и диски тем кто не придерживаются религии,  водителям , владельцам магазинов и другим, и обязывай их чтобы услышали этих кассеты. Раздавай маленьких  Коранов в Рамадане взамен того, что прочитали его.  Пригласи двух своих друзей на Ифтар в течение всего Рамадана, чтобы твои благие дела повысились.

    План: Интенсивная терапия

    Как много мы видели молодых, жизнь которых изменилось из – за Иътикофа, и автор этих строк, является один из них…..

    Уединяйся в мечети для поклонения, в котором есть дуаты которые будут воспитывать тебе в течение этих дней.

    План: Направление  благотворительные  Фонды……………..

    Номера телефоны некоторых благотворительных обществ, которых рекомендуется поддерживать их, давая  деньги заката  и милостыни:

    *Общество «Таблиг Аль – Ислам» Приняли Ислам под руководство этой общество тысячи людей по всему миру. 01061100335

    *Общество  «Манобир Ан-Нур» в Каире для обеспечения детей- сирот и больных людей и план мешки Рамадана. 0106088040

    Общество «Аль – Бирр» для изучения наизусть Корана детям. (Да сегодняшний день изучили наизусть всего Корана больше 3000- дети). Делать расход (инфак) в эту общество является величайшим джихадом в пути Аллаха. 0129990995

    Общество «Аль – Адл ва Аль – Ихсан» (План – разговения постящихся на дорогах и остановках, и этот инфак является один из лучших награжденных проектов).

    ***Наши дорогие братья Мусульмане  на западе, не делайте чтобы, что то – отвлекал вас от Аллаха в Рамадане….

    И не забудьте призывать не мусульман к Исламу со своими добрыми словами и красивым этикетам.




    Un día en la vida de un ayunante

    (Proyectos de Ramadán)

    ¿Quiere usted protegerse de la  sed de 50.000 años en el Día del Levantamiento?

    Cuando usted ayuna un día en Ramadán, ayuna 14 horas, es decir 50 000 segundos.  ¿Puede imaginar que el ayuno de 50 000 segundos en Ramadán le protegerá de la sed de 50 000 años en el Día del Levantamiento?

    En otras palabras, ¡¡¡un segundo en Ramadán equivale a un año completo de sed y de calor en el Día del Levantamiento!!!

    Querido hermano…si Ramadán le escapa… no va a recuperarlo… bastan todos esos Ramadán que perdió antes en su vida…si usted cayó, levántese…no pierda esperanza…hágalo como si fuese el último Ramadán en su vida, tome fuerzas y vaya con nosotros junto a estos proyectos tanto como pueda:

    Proyecto: ¿Cómo volverse multimillonario en 30 días?

    • Sabe usted que la recompensa de leer todo el Corán una vez en días ordinarios = 3,3 millones de recompensa (es decir borra 3,3 millones de pecados).
    • Y el hecho de duplicar la recompensa durante Ramadán significa que la recompensa de la Umra en Ramadán equivale a realizar el Hayy con el Mensajero de Allah.
    • Entonces, ¿Cuál será la recompensa de leer todo el Corán en Ramadán? ¿Perderá cientos de millones de oportunidades de realizar caridad que están entre sus manos, y luego, en el Día del mayor pánico se lamentará de no haberlas realizado?

    Proyecto: Ramadán, ¡cámbiame! (Proyecto para la preparación a la oración Tarawih: Oración de la noche durante el mes de Ramadán)

    • Prepare lo que será leído en la oración Tarawih, léalo después de la oración de la tarde (Al Asr) con meditación y reverencia, verá la gran diferencia en su reverencia: (Así usted realizara dos Dúas al mismo tiempo: Dúa al escuchar la oración Tarawih y Dúa al leer después de la oración Al Asr).
    • Si puede leer o escuchar la interpretación de esta parte del Corán tendrá una Dúa diferente, aplicada por pocos, que se llama: Dúa Al Mudarasa (estudiar). Y así se hace el cambio en Ramadán.

    No me diga que es difícil, el libro de interpretación de Al-Saadi es: ¡¡¡Son 29 páginas por cada parte del Corán!!!

    Proyecto: El tesoro perdido

    La mayoría de las personas pierden una hora después del atardecer (luego del desayuno), pero si usted lee una parte del Libro de Allah (Corán), y lo lee durante todo el mes, realizará una Dúa completa ¿Qué perdería por obtener la recompensa de leer todo el Corán? ¿Una Comedia? ¿Una entrevista a un artista?

    Proyecto: ¿Porqué esperar? (Caballeros de Arrepentimiento)

    Prometa a Dios en Ramadán el arrepentimiento de un pecado cada día, y que no regresará nunca a cometerlos, si Dios quiere.

    Durante el primer día, prometa a Dios dejar de fumar, en el segundo día… Prometa a Dios dejar toda mezcla entre hombres y mujeres, y en el tercer día… Prometa a Dios dejar de escuchar las canciones prohibidas… limpie su teléfono móvil y el disco duro de su computadora de cualquier cosa que cause la ira de Dios… y así…

    Para poder aplicar esto, deje de mirar las dos pantallas: de la televisión y de internet.

    Proyecto: ¿Porqué esperar? (Mujeres de Arrepentimiento)

    Lleve el velo completo durante Ramadán, el velo de Aisha y Fátima (Allah esté complacido con ellas). Si no entra en la misericordia de Dios cuando todas las puertas del paraíso  y de la misericordia y del cielo están  abiertas, ¿Cuándo entrará?

    Proyecto: Monjes de noche (Caballeros de Tahayyud)

    Lea este impresionante hadiz: (Cada noche en Ramadán cuando pasó el primer tercio, Dios bajó al cielo diciendo: hay alguien que pida licitación o perdón para dárselo, hay pecador que quiera arrepentimiento para dárselo).

    Lo que más sorprende aquí es que Dios baja todas las noches ordinarias en el último tercio de la noche, y en Ramadán, baja en los dos últimos tercios de la noche, entonces durante la mayor parte de la noche hay una gran oportunidad para quitar la angustia y ganar recompensa. ¡Qué oportunidad irrechazable!

    Duerma… si no tiene pecados… duerma… Si usted no necesita algo de Dios… duerma… si no tiene anhelos de estar cerca de Dios en el paraíso.

    Proyecto: Golpe del comienzo

    Marca el comienzo del mes de la manera más poderosa. Tan pronto como comience la primera noche de Ramadán realice caridad e insistir para que sea esta noche la noche de la emancipación del fuego; desde la primera noche si Dios quiere. Cada noche, después del desayuno decida que esa noche sea la noche de la emancipación del fuego. (Dios sea Bendecido y Enaltecido salva del fuego cada día y noche). Usted tiene 60 oportunidades para escapar del fuego, cada día una oportunidad y cada noche una oportunidad.

    Es decir durante Ramadán: Una sola noche correcta, usted salva su destino entero. Un solo día exacto, es un rescate por su determinación.

    Proyecto: 7 Hayy en Ramadán

    • 5 hayy: Sabe usted que cuando escucha Adhan (llamada a la oración), va inmediatamente a la mezquita después de hacer la ablución (wudu) y reza, tendrá la recompensa de un hayy (peregrinación mayor): (Quien salió de su casa después de la ablución a rezar tendrá la recompensa de un peregrino en estado de Ihram)… (y la mujer en su casa tendrá la misma recompensa).
    • Otro Hayy: (Quien rezó Al Fayer (la oración de la mañana) en grupo, y quedó mencionando Dios hasta la aparición del sol, y, a continuación, rezó 2 rakas (unidades de la oración) volverá con la recompensa de un hayy e una umra). En el periodo  de sesiones de mañana solo usted gana la recompensa de 30 Hayy e umra en Ramadán.
    • Otro hayy: Es cierto que el Mensajero de Allah (la paz sea con él) dijo que asistir a una lección de ciencia equivale a un hayy… Rece Tarawih en una mezquita en la que hacen un sermón entre rakas, eso equivale a asistir a una lección de ciencia, si Dios quiere.

    ¿¡Hay una persona sana que pierde siete hayy al día?!!

    Proyecto: Las claves de las arcas de Dios

    Sabe usted que tiene en Ramadán 60 súplicas aceptadas, 60 de los problemas de su vida pueden ser solucionados, 60 de sus sueños pueden ser realizados (cada musulmán en cada día tiene una súplica aceptada).

    Si el más rico del mundo le da 60 cheques en blanco ¿cómo será su alegría? Dios le da 60 súplicas aceptadas por cada día y noche.

    Mantenga un libro de súplica en su bolsillo, léalo todos los días, y no pierda las llaves de las arcas de Dios en su vida.

    Proyecto: La noche de la vida

    La noche de Al Kadr (en la que Dios ha revelado Corán a su Mensajero): 12 horas mejor que mil meses, es decir mejor que 720.000 horas (3/4 millón de horas), si una de su horas es mejor que 60.000 horas (Una aleya (verso) en esa noche es superior que 60.000 aleyas, y una raka es superior que 60.000 rakas, y dar desayuno a un ayunante es superior que 60.000 de ese hecho en los días ordinarios). Es verdadero que (El privado es quien pierde el bueno de esa noche).

    Verdaderamente es la noche de la vida. Dé desayuno a los ayunantes, visite a sus familiares, o pregunte sobre ellos por teléfono; reconcilie con quien está altercado, a lo menos por teléfono; lea Corán y rece en esa noche hasta que le duelan sus piernas como hacía el Profeta (la paz sea con él). Uno de los mayores actos de culto es perdonar a quien le trata con injusticia.

    Proyecto: Sea Compañero:

    (Umra en Ramadán como un hayy conmigo): No hay acto que le hace como compañero del Mensajero como una umra en Ramadán.

    Proyecto: Aumento y expansión de sus medios de subsistencia

    ¿Usted tiene un problema en sus medios de subsistencia? ¿Quiere un trabajo gratificante? ¿Quiere una pareja? ¿Quiere niños? ¿Quiere esposa? (Quién quiere ampliar sus medios de subsistencia y tener larga vida, debe visitar a sus familiares). No olvide de invitar a su familia y sus vecinos al desayuno en Ramadán.

    Proyecto: 30 palacios en el paraíso

    No se trata de 30 palacios en la costa norte o en las costas de Hawái o en Nice francesa… pero en el paraíso.

    Mantenga todos los días 12 rakas (2 antes la oración de la mañana (Al Fayer), 4 antes la oración del mediodía (Az Zuhur) y 2 después, 2 después la oración de la tardecita (Al Maghreb), y 2 después la oración de la noche (Al Isha).

    Proyecto: Seguro sobre el ayuno

    Cada ayunante usted le da a desayunar es como si usted ayune otro día de Ramadán, y cada día equivale a diez, si usted da desayuno a 36 ayunantes, es como si ha ayunado 360 día, es decir cambiaste todo el año en Ramadán. (No se olvide la bolsa de Ramadán, Coloque las latas de los dates en la mezquita, dé en su camino a la mezquita a los ayunantes dates para desayunar, proyecto de dar desayuno en las carreteras y las paradas con esfuerzo y con dinero).

    Proyecto: caballeros de la convocatoria al Islam

    La conquista de Badr y Meca ira por los compañeros del Mensajero, ¿Usted que va a hacer por el Islam en Ramadán?

    La temporada más peligrosa en la que todos los insurgentes quieren escuchar la religión es  Ramadán, debemos aprovechar la oportunidad. Luche con su esfuerzo y su dinero en la distribución de cintas y CD sobre los que no son comprometidos, los conductores, y los propietarios de tiendas; distribuya Corán pequeños de lujo para leerlos, convoque 2 de sus amigos a lo largo del mes para que sus caridades se añadan a su cuenta.

    Proyecto: Cuidados intensivos (El aislamiento en los últimos diez días)

    ¿Cuántos jóvenes han visto que sus vidas han cambiado totalmente debido al retiro realizado en la mezquita? y el autor de estas líneas, uno de ellos. Aíslate en una mezquita, donde los predicadores brindan todo su tiempo para educar.

    Proyecto: Enviar (o distribuir) los fondos del Zakat (caridad obligada) y la caridad

    Números de proyectos y asociaciones se recomienda darlos apoyo con zakat y caridad:

    • Asociación “Tabligh Al Islam” (La comunicación del Islam): Ayudó miles alrededor del mundo a ser musulmanes.

    Nuestros queridos musulmanes y musulmanas en el occidente, no dejen que cualquier cosa os aleje de Dios. No se olviden de invitar a los no musulmanes al Islam con sus dichos, sus hechos y sus súplicas para ellos.




    Un jour dans la vie d’un jeûneur

    (Les projets de Ramadan)

    Tu veux te protéger contre le soif de 50000 ans le jour de la résurrection ??

    Lorsque tu jeûnes un jour pendant le mois de Ramadan, tu  jeûnes 14 heures c’est-à-dire 50000 secondes

    Tu imagine que le  jeûne de 50000 secondes pendant le mois de Ramadan te protège  contre le soif de 50000 ans le jour de la résurrection ???

    C’est-à-dire qu’une seule seconde de Ramadan vaut une année entière de chaleur et de soif du jour de la résurrection!!!!!

    Cher frère …une fois passé …Ramadan ne sera plus récompensé…ça suffit les mois de Ramadan déjà perdus dans ta vie…si tu es tombé lève toi …ne lâche et n’abandonne surtout pas …considère ce Ramadan, comme s’il s’agit du dernier Ramadan dans ta vie…aiguise ta détermination pour bien te lancer et vient nous rejoindre dans ces projets dans la mesure du possible .

    Projet : comment devenir un archi millionnaire dans 30 jours

    • Saistu que la récompense d’une clôture du Coran pendant les jours ordinaires = 3,3 millions bonnes œuvres (elles suppriment 3,3 millions mauvaises œuvres)
    • La multiplication des bonnes œuvres pendant le mois de Ramadan fait que la récompense d’une Umra = la récompense du pèlerinage(Hajj) avec le messager d’Allah !!
    • Que dire alors de la récompense de clôture du Coran pendant le mois de Ramadan ? Des centaines de milliers de bonnes actions (hassanats) entre tes mains, vastu les perdre pour regretter une seule bonne action le jour de la résurrection ?
    • Certes le solde de ton compte sera supérieur à celui des sociétés de mobiles  et des groupes multinationaux !!

    Un projet à Ramadan qui a changé ma vie (Projet de préparation aux Tarawih)

    • Prépare  le jouz‘ (unité) du Coran à réciter la nuit pendant  les Tarawih en le récitant après Al Asr avec réflexion et révérence et tu vas réaliser la différence remarquable quant à ta révérence dans les Tarawih(de cette façon tu vas achever deux clôtures du Coran : celle à écouter pendant les Tarawih et celle à réciter après Al Asr)
    • Et si tu arrives à lire l’exégèse de ce jouz‘ ou à l’écouter dans une K7 tu réaliseras une  clôture avec une étude réfléchie rarement pratiquée de nos jours.

    Fais attention ne dis pas que c’est difficile (en moyenne l’exégèse d’un  jouz si nous nous référons à l’exégèse d’Al Sa’di  est de 29 pages uniquement)

    • Le projet du trésor perdu
    • La plupart des gens perdent l’heure suivant l’iftar (repas de rupture du jeûne) alors que si  tu l’exploiteras dans la lecture d’un jouz tu achèveras une clôture du Coran pendant ce mois béni ???

    Qu’est-ce qui t’empêcheras donc  d’achever une clôture??!! Un programme de comédie ou une interview avec une star??

    Le projet  Qu’attends-tu? (Les cavaliers du repentir)

    Engage-toi envers Allah par un repentir sincère et abandonne définitivement chaque jour un péché bien déterminé

    Décide le premier jour de ne plus fumer…le deuxième jour d’abandonner la mixité entre hommes et femmes, le troisième jour de ne plus écouter les chansons prohibés…nettoie ton mobile et ton disque dur de toute chose suscitant la colère d’Allah et ainsi de suite…

    (Pour réussir boycotte pendant ce mois béni les deux écrans le net et la télé)

    Le projet  Qu’attends-tu? (Les cavalières de Ramadan)

    Porte le voile entier pendant le mois de Ramadan celui de Aїcha et Fatima …C’est l’occasion ou jamais pour implorer la miséricorde d’Allah alors que toutes les portes du paradis sont ouvertes …et les sept portes du ciel  ouvertes.

    Le projet des moines de la nuit  (les cavaliers du Tahajud : prière du dernier tiers de la nuit)

    • Lis ce magnifique Hadith “Allah descend au ciel de ce monde chaque nuit de Ramadan après le premier tiers de la nuit, puis Il dit : Qui me demande pour que Je lui donne, qui implore mon pardon pour que Je lui pardonne” authentifié par Al Albani”
    • Ce qui étonne le plus c’est que Allah descend en dehors de Ramadan chaque nuit pendant le dernier tiers de la nuit tandis qu’en Ramadan Il descend pendant les deux derniers tiers donc la plupart de la nuit de Ramadan est une occasion en or pour se soulager et avoir des exhortations. N’est ce pas une occasion à ne pas rater ??
    • Dors si tu n’a pas de péchés, dors si tu n’a pas besoin d’Allah, dors si tu ne tends pas à Son voisinage au paradis

    Le projet du signal de départ

    Venons l’accueillir avec une vraie détermination à récolter ses bénéfices et consacrer entièrement son temps précieux à faire de bonnes œuvres … dès le premier jour, décide de te sauver de l’enfer ,dès la première nuit et chaque nuit… (Allah sauve des gens du Feu de l’Enfer chaque jour et  nuit) authentifié par Al Albani…Tu as 60 opportunités pour te sauver de l’enfer, chaque jour et chaque nuit…une nuit ou une journée de Ramadan intense en culte peut décider ton sort et te sauver de l’enfer.

    Le projet de 7 pèlerinages chaque jour pendant le mois de Ramadan

    5 pèlerinages: Saistu que lorsque tu entends l’appel à la prière et que tu t’empêches  ,tu fais  les ablutions et tu te diriges immédiatement à la mosquée pour faire les prières obligatoires ta récompense sera un pèlerinage(celui qui sort de sa maison après avoir fait les ablutions pour une prière obligatoire sa récompense sera équivalente à celle d’un pèlerin qui s’est mis en ihram) authentifié par Al Albani …la femme aura la même récompense chez elle

    • Un autre pèlerinage : « Celui qui prie le Fajr en groupe et reste assis,  invoquant Allah jusqu’au lever du soleil, puis accomplit deux Rak’a, ce sera pour lui comme la récompense, complète d’un pèlerinage ( Hajj) et d’une Umra. » Authentifié par Al-Albânî,
    • Cette assise à elle seule te fait gagner pendant le mois de Ramadan la récompense de 30  pèlerinages et une Umra

    Un autre pèlerinage : Il est rapporté au Prophète bénédiction et paix sur lui que le fait d’assister à un cours de science aura pour récompense, celle d’un pèlerinage ( Hajj)

    Assiste aux Tarawihs dans une mosquée ou un discours sera prononcé et ça sera comme un cours de science inchallah

    Y a-til quelqu’un de sage qui se laisse perdre 7 pèlerinages par jour !!!??

    Le projet : Les clefs des trésors d’Allah

    Saistu que tu as 60 invocations acceptées.60 problèmes de ta vie trouveront des solutions ,60 rêves des rêves de ta vie seront atteints (chaque musulman aura pour chaque jour et une nuit une invocation acceptée) Authentifié par Al-Albânî

    Quelle joie éprouveras-tu si le plus riche au monde t’offrira 60 chèques en blanc ? Allah t’a octroyé 60 invocations acceptées pour chaque jour et chaque nuit

    Garde un petit livre d’invocations dans ta poche et revois le avec imploration chaque jour, ne perds pas les clefs des trésors d’Allah

    Le projet de la nuit de ta vie

    La nuit d’Al-Qadr : 12 heures meilleures que mille mois c’est-à-dire    meilleures que 720000 heures((3/4 million

    Donc une heure pendant cette nuit est meilleure que 60000 heures(la récitation d’un verset coranique pendant cette nuit est meilleure que la récitation de 60000 versets pendant une nuit ordinaire ;une raq’a pendant cette nuit est meilleure que 60000 raq’a pendant une nuit ordinaire ; fournir la nourriture à un  jeûneur pour rompre son jeûne pendant cette nuit est meilleure 60000 fois que lorsque cet acte sera accompli en dehors de cette nuit)

    (Le  pauvre vraiment est celui qui sera privé de ses bénéfices) hadith authentique

    Elle équivaut à  toute une vie

    Donne de la nourriture pour rompre le jeûne

    Relie  tes liens de parenté et communiques avec tes proches même par  téléphone

    Résous tes problèmes et arranges tes disputes même par téléphone

    Veille la nuit en prière , multiplies le rappel d’Allah, les invocations et la demande de pardon

    Fais tes efforts dans la lecture et la récitation du Coran

    Le projet : rejoins les compagnons

    Une Umra accomplie pendant le mois de Ramadan équivaut à la récompense du pèlerrinage( Hajj) en ma compagnie.

    Rien d’autre qu’une Umra accomplie pendant le mois de Ramadan ne t’accorderas cette faveur de rejoindre le  messager d’Allah comme les compagnons

    Le projet d’augmentation et d’expansion des subsistances :

    Souffres-tu d’un manque de subsistance ?cherches-tu un emploi satisfaisant ?cherches-tu un époux – une épouse  ?des enfants ? Celui qui espère l’expansion de ses subsistances et la bénédiction de sa vie qu’il renforce  ses liens de parenté…n’oublis pas l’invitation de tes proches et voisins pour rompre le jeûne chez toi.

    Projet de 30 châteaux au paradis

    Il ne s’agit pas d’un château sur la côte Nord de l’Egypte ou les  côtes d’Hawaï ou de Nice mais au Paradis

    Maintiens chaque jour 12 raq’as (prières surérogatoires) 2 avant Al Fajr ,4 avant A’ Thohr et 2 après ,2 après Al Maghreb et 2 après Al Isha

    Projet d’assurance jeûne

    Si tu nourris un jeûneur tu auras une récompense égale à la sienne

    Et chaque jour sera  multiplié par dix

    Nourrir  donc 36 jeûneurs est équivalent à 360 jours de jeûne , toute une année de jeûne (n’oublie pas ton sac spécial Ramadan ; Sur ton chemin à la mosquée ,fournis des dates aux jeûneurs pour rompre le jeune ,projet pour rompre le jeune sur les autoroutes et dans les stations…)

    Réjouis-toi de plusieurs ramadans s’ajoutant à la balance de tes bonnes œuvres.

    Projet des cavaliers du prêche

    La Mecque fut conquise par les compagnons pendant le mois de Ramadan

    Qu’apporteras-tu à l’islam pendant ce mois béni ?

    • C’est la saison pendant la quelle tous les insurgés seront prédisposés à écouter à propos de la religion ; saisis donc cette opportunité …lutte par ton argent et fournis des efforts pour distribuer aux non pratiquants ,aux conducteurs et aux marchands des K7 et des CD (dégage d’eux une promesse de les écouter )…distribue des livres du saint coran à condition de les réciter…prêche 2 de tes amis tout le long du mois pour additionner leurs bonnes actions à ta balance
    • Le projet des soins intensifs   Faire la retraite (I’tikâf)des dix derniers jours …Nous avons observé autant de jeunes que la retraite a changé leurs vies , l’auteur de ses lignes en est un.

    Fais la retraite dans une mosquée où tu trouveras des prêcheurs prêts à te tendre leurs mains et te dispenser une éducation pendant ce mois béni  .

    Projet d’orientation des aumônes facultative et obligatoire(zakât) :

    Des numéros de projets et d’associations à financer par les  aumônes :

    Association de prêche à  l’islam (grâce à cette association des milliers ont embrassé  l’islam à travers le monde)  

    Chers musulmans et musulmanes à l’étranger …ne laissez rien vous occuper en dehors d’Allah pendant ce mois béni …et n’oubliez pas de prêcher les non musulmans à l’Islam par vos dires ,votre moralité et vos invocations pour eux.




    Giornata di un digiunatore

    (Progetti per Ramadan)

    Vorresti  proteggerti dalla sete di 50.000 anni al Giorno del Giudizio Universale???

    Quando digiuni un giorno di Ramadan, digiuni 14 ore cioè 50000 secondi, puoi immaginare che il digiuno di questi 50000 secondi durante Ramadan ti protegge dalla sete di 50000 anni al Giorno del Giudizio Universale???

    Cioè il solo secondo di Ramadan equivale ad un intero anno di caldo e sete al Giorno del Giudizio Finale.

    Caro fratello …. Se lasci perdere l’occasione di questo Ramadan…… sarà irreversibile, basta con tutti i Ramadan che hai già perduto finora …. Se sei caduto, puoi rialzarti… non devi mai perdere la speranza …

    Vivi questo Ramadan come se fosse l’ultimo nella tua vita, ricarica la tua volontà e buttati con noi in questi progetti il più possibile:-

    Il progetto di “Come diventare multimiliardari in 30 giorni”

    ü  Lo sapevi che le hasanàt[1] di leggere l’intero Corano nei giorni comuni = 3.3 milioni virtù (cioè cancellano 3.3 sayyi’a [azione negativa]??

    ü  L’incredibile raddoppio delle hasanàt a Ramadan ha fatto che una ricompensa di un’U’mrah[2] compiuta durante Ramadan = la ricompensa di un Hajj[3] con il Messaggero di Allàh – pace e benedizione su di lui.

    ü  Allora, puoi immaginare la ricompensa di leggere tutto il Corano durante Ramadan? Centinaia di milioni di hasanàt sono fra le tue mani. Vuoi perderle, poi pentirti per ogni singola hasanah persa nel Giorno della Resurrezione? Così, il tuo bilancio è più grande di quello dei proprietari delle società di telefonia mobile ed i gruppi multinazionali!!

    Il progetto “Ramadan mi ha cambiato (il progetto di prepararsi per Tarawìh[4]) .

    ü  Prepara la parte che leggerai nel Tarawìh leggendola con meditazione e umiltà.. dopo la preghiera del tardo pomeriggio e noterai la grande differenza nella tua umiltà nel Tarawìh (così stai leggendo l’intero Corano due volte in contemporanea, una volta quando lo ascolti nel Tarawìh e un’altra quando lo leggi dopo la preghiera del a’sr).

    ü  E se puoi leggere l’esegesi di questa parte o sentirla su cassette, avrai fatto una di quelle letture del Corano che raramente si fanno oggi ed è proprio quella di una lettura attenta quasi uno studio dei significati del testo.

    Solo così si avvera il cambiamento a Ramadan.

    Non me lo dire che è difficile da fare …. (In media, l’esegesi di una parte del Corano occupa nella versione di Al-Saadi 29 pagine)!!!.

    Progetto “il tesoro perduto”

    ü  La maggioranza spreca l’ora dopo iftàr, benché se ci leggessi una sola parte del Libro di Allah (il Corano), finirai di leggerlo per intero durante il mese!! Allora, cosa aspetti per ottenere la ricompensa di aver letto per intero il Libro di Allàh?? Una trasmissione comica?? Un’intervista con un artista??

    Progetto “Cosa stai aspettando??” (i cavalieri della Tawbah[5])

    ü  Impegnati davanti ad Allàh che ogni giorno ti pentirai di un certo peccato a cui non tornerai mai più, per Volontà di Allàh.

    Il primo giorno.. impegnati a smettere di fumare. Il secondo.. a smettere di mischiarti con l’altro sesso. Il terzo.. a smettere di ascoltare le canzonette peccaminose.. pulisci il tuo telefonino e il tuo Hard disck da ogni cosa che possa arrabbiare Allàh.. e così via…

    (e per compiere ciò, durante Ramadan, boicottate i due schermi: quello televisivo e quello del Pc)

    Progetto “Cosa stai aspettando?” (Le principesse di Ramadan)

    ü   Durante Ramadan, porta il velo completo, quello di A’ìshah[6] e di Fàtimah[7].. Se non entri nella Misericordia di Allàh mentre tutte le porte del Paradiso, le porte della Misericordia.. le porte dei sette cieli sono aperte.. quando ci entrerai???!!

    Progetto “I monaci della notte” (I cavalieri del tahajud[8])

    ü  Leggi questo Hadìth impressionante: “Durante Ramdan, ogni notte, Allàh si Adaggia finché non sia passto il primo terzo della notte, Scende al cielo e Chiede non vi è qualcuno che chieda qualcosa ché gliela Concedo; non vi è qualcuno che chieda perdono per i propri peccati che glieli Perdono?”) auteniticato da Al-Albàni

    La cosa sorprendente è che Allàh scende nell’ultimo terzo della notte in tutti i giorni dell’anno, ma nelle notti di Ramadan scende negli ultimi due terzi. Così, nel mese di Ramadan la maggior parte della notte è una grandissima occasione per risolvere i problemi e ottenere i doni di Allàh. Che occasione da non perdere!!

    Dormi! Se non hai peccati .. dormi! Se non hai bisogno di qualsiasi cosa da Allàh!! .. Dormi! Se non desideri di essere nella vicinanza di Allàh nel Firdaus (Il paradiso più alto).

    Progetto del via libera

    ü  Fai di modo che  l’inizio di Ramadan sia il momento più entusiastico di tutto il mese .. Sin dalla  prima notte.. impegnati e insisti che questa sia la notte della tua liberazione dal Fuoco.

    (Allàh Il Benedetto e l’Altissimo libera [dall’inferno] tanti servi ogni giorno e ogni notte). Autenticato da Al-Albàni. Hai ben 60 opportunità per liberarti dal fuoco: una ogni giorno e ogni notte. Cioè, nel mese di Ramadan:- una sola notte trascorso bene nel pregare e venerare Allàh, significa la tua salvezza assoluta.

    Un solo giorno trascorso bene nelle adorazioni e preghiere, significa la tua salvezza assoluta.

    Progetto “7 pellegrinaggi quotidiani durante Ramadan.”

    ü  5 pellegrinaggi: lo sapevi che quando senti l’adhàn [l’invito alla preghiera], e subito fai l’abluzione e subito dopo vai in moschea a compiere la preghiera canonica, Allàh ti dà la ricompensa pari a quella di un pellegrinaggio (chi esce di casa, dopo aver compiuto l’abluzione alla volta della moschea per compiere una preghiera canonica, Allàh gli dà la ricompensa di pellegrino muhrim [in stato di consacrazione in preparazione del pellegrinaggio]. (E alla donna viene concessa la stessa ricompensa per la preghiera compiuta a casa).

    ü  Un altro pellegrinaggio: (Chi compie la preghiera di Al-Fajr (l’alba) jamà’ah [in gruppo] e rimane a ricordare Allàh finché sorga il sole poi compie due rak’a, ottiene la ricompensa di un pellegrinaggio e un’U’mrah). Autenticato da Al-Albàni. .. Quindi, attraverso la sola seduta [dalla preghiera di Al-Fajr fino al sorgere del sole] puoi ottenere la ricompensa di 30 pellegrinaggi e U’mrah compiuti durante Ramadan.

    ü  Un altro pellegrinaggio ancora: chi assiste ad una predica, ottiene la ricompensa di un pellegrinaggio (Hadìth autentico). Compi la preghiera di Taràwìh [veglia durante Ramadan] in una moschea dove vengono tenute delle lezioni religiose nell’intervallo fra i rakàt! Così ottieni la ricompensa di un pellegrinaggio se Allàh vuole .. Chi è che perde sette pellegrinaggi ogni giorno!!!??.

    Progetto “Le chiavi dei tesori del Signore”

    ü  Lo sapevi che nel mese di Ramadan, hai 60 invocazioni accettate, 60 dei tuoi problemi possono essere risolti, 60 dei tuoi sogni possono essere realizzati.. (Ogni musulmano ha ogni giorno e ogni notte un’ invocazione accettata). Autenticato da Al-Albàni.

    ü  Se l’uomo più ricco del mondo ti offrisse 60 assegni a vuoto, come sarebbe la tua allegria? Allàh ti ha offerto una invocazione accettata ogni giorno e ogni notte.

    (Porta un libretto di invocazioni in tasca, leggici con umiltà ogni giorno! Non perdere le chiavi dei tesori del Signore nella tua vita).

    Progetto “La notte della vita”

    ü  La notte del destino (Al-Qadr): 12 ore meglio di mille mesi, cioè di 720.000 ore (3/4 milioni di ore). Quindi, un’ora diventa meglio di 60.000 ore (un versetto del corano è superiore nella ricompensa a 60.000 versetti, una rakà’a [unità operativa della preghiera] è superiore nella ricompensa a 60.000 di rakà’at; offrire iftàr ad un digiunatore è superiore nella ricompensa a 60.000 iftàr .. è vero .. (chi viene deprivato da questa ricompensa è veramente diseredato) Hadith autentico. Invero è proprio questa la notte della vita .. offri iftàr a digiunatori, contatta tutti i tuoi parenti, anche solo via telefono, fai pace con chi ce l’ha con te anche solo via telefono, recita il corano, prega finché si gonfino i tuoi piedi come faceva il Messaggero di Allàh – pace e benedizione su di lui. La più preziosa adorazione in questa notte è di perdonare chi ti ha trattato ingiustamente.

    Progetto “Sii un Compagno!”

    ü  (un’Umrah nel mese di Ramadan equivale ad un pellegrinaggio con me [Hadìth]. Non c’è un’opera che ti conferisca questo privilegio [di essere come i compagni del Messaggero di Allàh] come un’Umrah nel mese di Ramadan.

    Il progetto di aumentare il reddito

    ü  Soffri di un problema finanziario? Desideri un buon posto di lavoro?? Desideri un marito?? Desideri figli e discendenti?? Desideri una moglie?? (Chi desideri abbondante guadagno e lunga età, rafforzi i suoi legami di sangue) … non dimenticare di invitare i tuoi parenti e vicini di casa a Iftàr.

    Progetto “30 castelli nel Paradiso”

    ü  Non parlo di castelli sulla costa mediterranea d’Egitto, ne delle coste di Hawai o di Nizza in Francia.. bensì nel Paradiso. Compi rigorosamente 12 rak’ah superobbligatorie (2 prima del Fajr/ 4 prima di Al-Zuhr e 2 dopo/2 dopo Al-Maghrib/ 2 dopo Al-Isha’ ) ogni giorno!

    Il progetto dell’assicurazione sul digiuno

    ü  Chi offre un pasto ad un digiunatore è come chi ha digiunato un altro giorno ed il giorno equivale a dieci. Se offri 36 pasti di iftàr, sarebbe come se avessi tu digiunato 360 giorni (cioè come se avessi digiunato tutto l’anno). (Non dimenticare di donare borse di Ramadan[9]/ mettere scatole di datteri in moschea/ offrire datteri ai digiunatori per strada verso la moschea/ partecipare al progetto di offrire pasti ai digiunatori sull’autostrada nonché ogni buona partecipazione sia con il denaro che con lo sforzo) e ottieni la ricompensa di più di un Ramadan nel bilancio del tuo operato.

    Progetto “I cavalieri della Da’wa

    ü  Allàh ha donato ai compagni del profeta il trionfo nella battaglia di Badr e della conquista della Mecca durante il mese di Ramadan .. che cosa Allàh donerà all’Islam tramite te in questo mese??

    ü  Ramadan è la stagione durante la quale tutti i non praticanti vogliono sentire di più discorsi religiosi, perciò dobbiamo cogliere l’occasione .. partecipa con il denaro e con lo sforzo nella distribuzione di cassette e CD sui musulmani non praticanti, i conducenti nelle stazioni e proprietari di negozi (Chiedi loro la promessa di ascoltarli) .. distribuisci piccoli Mushaf di lusso in cambio che verranno letti.. invita due dei tuoi amici a compiere le diverse adorazioni lungo il mese di Ramadan affinché Allàh ti ricompensi per loro.

    Il progetto della cura intensiva

    ü  (i’tikaf [dedicarsi esclusivamente alle adorazioni rimanendo rinchiusi in moschea] negli ultimi dieci giorni) … Quanti giovani l‘i’tikaf ha cambiato completamente la loro vita. L’autore di queste righe è uno di questi .. compi l’i’tikaf in una moschea dove ci sono tanti divulgatori a tempo pieno per educarti durante questi giorni.

    Il progetto di incanalare denari della Zacàt e sadaqàt

    Ecco numeri di progetti e associazioni consigliati per versare i denari della Zacàt e sadaqàt:

    ü  L’Associazione di Tablìgh Al-Islàm (Divulgazione dell’Islam) (grazie ad essa migliaia di persone hanno abbracciato l’Islam in tutto il mondo)

    Cari musulmani in Occidente .. Non lasciatevi allontanare dalla via di Dio nel mese Ramadan .. Non dimenticate di invitare i non-musulmani all’Islam con i vostri detti, atteggiamenti e l’invocazione per loro.

    [1] La ricompensa che Allah, conserva al fedele fino al giorno del Giudizio per la buona azione compiuta in questo mondo.

    [2] Breve visita a Mecca, o pellegrinaggio volontario, che può essere svolto in qualunque periodo dell’anno.

    [3] E’ Il pellegrinaggio alla Mecca, che si svolge durante la prima metà del mese di Dhul-Hijja. E’ il quinto pilastro dell’Islam.

    [4] preghiera superogatoria effettuata nel mese di Ramadan.

    [5] Pentimento ed espiazione dei propri peccati.

    [6] Moglie del Profeta – Che Allàh si Compiaccia di Lei!

    [7] Figlia del Profeta – che Allàh si Compiaccia di Lei!

    [8] Preghiera a notte tarda.

    [9]La “borsa di Ramadan” è un pacco che contiene, quelli che secondo la tradizione sono gli alimentari tipici di Ramadan tipo datteri, fichisecchi e quant’altro.




    Vida do jejuador num dia

    Projectos para Ramadão

    Será que queres realmente salvar-te da sede de 50 000 anos no dia juízo final?

    Ao jejuares um dia no mês de Ramadão, estas entretanto a jejuar 14 horas equivalentes a 50 000 segundos, será que já imaginaste o jejum de 50 000 segundos no Ramadão que afastar-te-á da sede no dia do juízo final?

    Isto indica que cada segundo do Ramadão equivale a um ano completo de calor e sede no dia de juízo final!

    Meu irmão…se desperdiçares o Ramadão  nunca podes recupera-lo…se caíres levanta-te e não fica desesperado.

    Considera-o ultimo Ramadão da tua vida e congrega-te connosco neste projecto, segundo tua disponibilidade.

    Projecto: Como tornar milionário em 30 dias .

    Será que sabes de que uma leitura completa do Alcorão nos dias normais equivale a 3.3 milhões de recompensa (isto é, anula 3.3 milhões de pecado) e, a multiplicação da recompensa no mês de Ramadão torna a recompensa do Umra equivalente a do Hajj feito com o Profeta S.A.W! como é que imaginas a recompensa da leitura completa do Alcorão no Ramadão? são milhões de centenas de recompensas entre as nossas mãos! vais desperdiça-las para arrepender-te por uma recompensa no dia do grande terror? desta forma teu crédito será mais do que o dos proprietários de empresas de telemóveis e grupos multi-nacionais.

    Projecto: Ramadão mudou minha vida (programa para preparação de Tarawih)

    Prepara a parte (do Alcorão) que será lida durante a Oração da noite de Tarawih, lendo-a depois da Oração do Assr, com meditação e reverência, porem notarás uma grande diferença quando a tua reverência durante a Oração do Tarai e, desta maneira tiras proveitos de ambas formas, de audição durante o Tarai e de leitura depois de Assr. e se puderes ler a interpretação da mesma parte ou escutares duma gravação tirarás um proveito de aprendizagem que é extremamente raro. evidentemente desta forma vem as mudanças no mês de Ramadão, não diz que é difícil…(uma metade duma parte da interpretação do Assaadi é de somente 29 paginas )

    Projecto: fortuna perdida

    A maior parte das pessoas desperdiça o tempo depois de quebrar o jejum (Iftaar), todavia, se estivesse a ler uma parte do Alcorão durante esse período terminaria todo Alcorão durante o mês. O que te impede ganhar a recompensa desta prática? Será que é um programa de comédia? conversa com um actor?

    Projecto: Do que esperas (Corrida para arrependimento)

    Compromete-te a Deus durante o Ramadão arrependendo-te todos os dias por um determinado pecado de que jamais voltarás a pratica-lo. No primeiro dia compromete-te a Deus em deixar de fumar, no segundo, em deixar de juntar-te com pessoas estranhas (mulheres), no terceiro, em deixar de ouvir musicas ilícitas limpando entretanto teu Telemóvel e Disco-duro de tudo aquilo que enfurece o Deus e, para que possas pôr na prática abstenha-te da Internet e canais televisivos no mês de Ramadão.

    Projecto: Do que esperas (corrida para Ramadão)

    Veste o Véu como o de Aisha e Fátima no Ramadão…se não entrares na misericórdia de Deus enquanto as portas do Paraíso estão todas elas abertas, as portas da misericórdia estão abertas e as dos sete céus estão também abertas, então quando é que vais entrar?

    Projecto: Monges da noite ( corrida para Tahajjud)

    Lê este ilustre Hadice: Certamente Deus tolera todas noites durante Ramadão ate que saia o primeiro terço da noite, desce para (primeiro) céu e diz: há algum necessitado para que seja concedido? há algum pecador  rogando, para que seja perdoado? há algum arrependido para que lhe seja aceite seu arrependimento?

    Este ilustre Hadice indica-nos que nos normais meses Deus desce no último terço de todas noites, mas no Ramadão desce nos últimos dois terços, onde um adorador no Ramadão tem oportunidade para alcançar a liberdade das preocupações e adquirir compensação: que oportunidade que não se recupera!?

    Dorme se não tiveres pecado nenhum …dorme se não precisares nada de Deus…dorme se não necessitares de estar ao lado de Deus no Paraíso.

    Projecto: Forca do começo

    Que nos primeiros dias do Ramadão sejam fortes, fortifica tua intenção e decide logo na primeira noite para que seja noite de emancipação do fogo e assim renova tua decisão sempre e logo depois de quebrar o Jejum. ( Certamente Deus emancipa por dia e noite) Hadice confirmado por Albani. Tens portanto 60 oportunidades para liberar-te do fogo, oportunidade durante o dia e outra durante a noite, quer dizer que um dia é suficiente salvar-te de tudo.

    Projecto: Sete peregrinações diárias no Ramadão

    Cinco peregrinações: Será que sabes de que levantar-se de imediato ao ouvir o Chamamento (Azaan) a fim de fazer ablução e caminhar a Mesquita para fazer a Oração obrigatória tens recompensa de Hajj (peregrinação). Vem no Hadice que : (Quem sair purificado da sua casa  afim de fazer Oração obrigatória, sua recompensa é o de Hajj no mês de Muharram) e ( a mesma recompensa para a mulher na sua casa). Confirmado por Albani.

    Sexta Peregrinação: Quem rezar o Fajr em congregação (com Jamaa) e manter-se sentado ate o sol nascer e depois fazer dois ciclos ( dois Rakat) tornar-lhe-á recompensa de Hajj e Umra. Hadice confirmado por Albani. esta sentada ou prática, se for no Ramadão resulta a recompensa de 30 Hajjs e Umras.

    Sétima Peregrinação: Narra-se do Mensageiro de Allah, de que participar aula de aprendizagem tem recompensa de Hajj…reza entretanto o Tarawih numa Mesquita que se dá palestra entre as Orações, torna-se o acto no lugar de aprendizagem…será que existe um consciente que pode desperdiçar sete peregrinações diariamente?

    Projecto: Chaves dos cofres de Deus

    Será que sabes de que no mês de Ramadão tens 60 preces (pedidos) aceites? Entre 60 problemas da tua vida podem ser resolvidas? Entre 60 sonhos da tua vida podes alcança-los? …( Todo o Muçulmano, em cada dia e noite tem pedido aceite) Confirmado por Albani. Se um dos mais rico do mundo oferecer-te 60 cheques em branco, como é que seria tua felicidade? Deus te deu 60 pedidos aceites em cada dia e noite.

    ( Conserva o prece (Dua) tomando nota num papel e pondo-o no teu bolso para ler suplicando e não desperdiça as chaves do cofre de Deus durante a vida)

    Projecto: Uma noite da vida : Noite de Decreto, são 12 horas melhores do que 1000 meses, quer dizer, melhores do que 720 000 horas (4/3 milhões de horas) portanto, uma hora desta noite é melhor do que 60 000 horas. ( Um versículo do Alcorão (recitado nesta noite) é valioso mais do que 60 000 versículos e, um ciclo (Rakat) é valioso mais do que 60 000 ciclos e dar de comer a um jejuador é também valioso mais do que dar de comer 60 000 jejuador num dia normal ) é realmente noite da vida…dá de comer aos Jejuadores, comunica-te com teus Parentes mesmo que seja por Telemóvel, reconcilia-te com todos aqueles que entre vós há desentendimento mesmo por Telemóvel, recita o Alcorão e faz Orações ate que encham os teus pés como o Profeta S.A.W e, umas das melhores práticas no Ramadão é perdoar todo aquele que te injuriou.

    Projecto: Sê Companheiro (de Profeta)( Umra feito no Ramadão é como um Hajj feito comigo) não existe prática que te possa pôr ao lado do Profeta como Companheiro, alem de Umra feito no Ramadão.

    Projecto: Incremento e vastidão do sustento.

    Tens algum problema no sustento? Queres um trabalho rentável? Queres um Esposo? Queres ter uma família e filhos? Queres uma Esposa? ( Quem quiser para que (Deus) aumente seu sustento e filhos, que mantenha boa relação com os Parentes)…não esquece servir teus Parentes e Vizinhos para quebrar o Jejum.

    Projecto: 30 palácios no Paraíso

    Não são 30 Palácios na costa do Norte ou Norte das costas de Haway ou Nice, na Franca…mas sim no Paraíso. por isso conserva  diariamente os 12 ciclos (Rakat) de Sunna ( 2 antes da Oração do Fajr, 4 antes e 2 depois do Zuhr, 2 depois de Magrib e 2 depois de Insha)

    Projecto:  Assegurar o Jejum

    Cada pessoa que dás de comer para quebrar seu Jejum é como se estivesse jejuado mais um dia, que equivale a 10, por isso se quebrares o Jejum de 36 pessoas é como tivesse jejuado 360 dias, quer dizer que tornaste o ano todo Ramadão. ( Não esquece um embrulho de algo que se come, traz para Mesquita um pacote de Tâmaras, quando vais a Mesquita, oferece as pessoas Tâmaras para quebrar o Jejum, é um projecto para dar de comer as pessoas nas estradas). Felicita-te, de que é mais do que um Ramadão na tua balança.

    Projecto: Corrida para propagação da religião

    Ramadão é a época mais preocupante onde todo Desobediente deseja ouvir algo da religião, por isso devemos aproveitar esta oportunidade. Sacrifica com teus bens e forca na distribuição gratuita de Cassetes e CD para os Desobedientes, Automobilistas, distribui nas paragens de Autocarros e bancas, (que te façam promessa de que vão escutar)…distribui pequenos manuscritos de Alcorão de valor no Ramadão, convida dois dos teus amigos durante o Ramadão para que deles possas aumentar bens na tua balança.

    Projecto: Centralizar os cuidados (I`tikaaf  na terceira dezena do Ramadão)

    Quantos jovens, vimos mudanças nas suas vidas por causa de I`tikaaf !? e o escritor deste artigo é um deles….faz I`tikaaf numa das Mesquitas com diferentes Teólogos para tua educação.

    Projecto: Distribuição de bens para Zakat e Caridade

    Contactos de Associações e Projectos aconselháveis a apoiar

    Associação para propagação do Islão ( desta Associação, milhares tornaram-se Muçulmanos no mundo)

    Estimados Muçulmanos e Muçulmanas no Ocidente, não permitem que algo atrapalhe-vos da recordação de Deus durante o Ramadão e não se esqueçam em convidar outros para converter-se ao Islão a partir das vossas palavras, conduta e preces.




    Één dag in het leven van een vaster…
    (Ramadan projecten)
    Wil jij jezelf beschermen tegen 50.000 dorstige jaren op de dag des oordeels??
    Wanneer je één dag van de Ramadan vast, vast je circa 14 uurtjes. 14 uurtjes zijn gelijk aan 50.000 seconden! Kan jij je voorstellen dat 50.000 seconden jou beschermen tegen 50.000 jaren op de dag des oordeels??
    Beste broeder en zuster,
    Als je de maand Ramadan heb gemist, kan je deze niet terug halen… Genoeg jaren die verloren zijn gegaan.. Als je niet één dag op je benen kan staan… of je wordt al lui.. Denk er dan aan dat het misschien jouw laatste Ramadan is…en begin dus zo snel mogelijk met ons aan dit project… Het is een uiting van Allah’s genade voor Zijn dienaren dat Hij het vasten voor hun heeft voorgeschreven, om hen zodoende te zuiveren van buitensporigheden en om hun harten te zuiveren van begeerten. In deze dagen kijken de moslims over de hele wereld uit naar de maand Ramadan; de leider van alle maanden; de maand van vergiffenis, voordelen en giften; de maand die de harten van de rechtgeleide mensen verblijdt. Geen wonder dat een vrome man op zijn sterfbed als reden voor zijn huilen gaf: “Ik ben slechts aan het huilen omdat mensen verder zullen vasten en gebeden zullen verrichten na mijn dood, terwijl ik niet langer in de positie zal zijn om dit te kunnen doen”.

    1-Project 1Hoe wordt je een multimiljonair in 30 dagen:
    Wist je dat het volledig uitlezen van de Koraan in normale dagen 3,3 miljoen hassanaat oplevert? (het wist dus 3,3 miljoen zondes). De Profeet (vrede zij met hem) zei: Wie(de maand)Ramadan vast, uit geloof(in Allah)enrekenende(op Zijn beloning), (al)zijnvoorgaandezondenzullenhemvergevenworden.”(al-Boechari en Moeslim)
    En het verdubbelen van hassanaats in Ramdaan maakt de Oemra gelijk aan een Hadj met de profeet v.z.m.h!!
    Wat dan over het uitlezen van de Koran in deze maand??? Miljarden hassanaats liggen tussen je handen…Ga je alsnog deze kans missen? Of wil je spijt hebben op de dag dat je deze nodig zult hebben? Zo ben je rijker dan elke internationale elektronica bedrijf, rijker dan elke multinational job, rijker dan wie dan ook!!

    2-Project 2Voorbereiding voor tarawih

    Zorg ervoor dat je de Juzza die de imaam gaat reciteren (tijdens tarawih) na het Asr gebed zelf intensief gaat lezen. Je zult merken dat je dan tijdens tarawih je beter kunt concentreren. Het verschil zal je zeker merken. Zo lees je de Koraan twee keer uit. Eén keer door zelf te lezen en één keer door te luisteren!!
    Als het jou lukt om de tafseer (uitleg van de koraan) ook te lezen van het betreffende hoofdstuk dan lees je de koran op een manier die heel weinig wordt gebruikt..namelijk het bestuderen van de koran in de maand ramadan..
    3-Project 3 verloren schatkist
    De meeste mensen benutten dat uurtje na iftaar helaas niet! Als je alleen na iftaar 1 juzz’a gaat lezen, ben je binnen één maand klaar met het uitlezen van de koraan (koraan bestaat uit 30 juzz’a). Wat houd je dan tegen om deze fantastische beloning te krijgen??? Comedy series? Verborgen camera’s? Of een interview met een zanger?

    4-Project 4 -Dit project wacht op de Tawba ridders (berouwtoners)!!!
    – Eerste dag om te stoppen met roken.
    – Tweede dag om niet meer naar muziek te luisteren
    – Derde dag jou telefoon en hardschijf te verschonen enz…
    – Vierde dag om niet gemengd te zitten met vrouwen/mannen die niet jouw maharim zijn. (maharim zijn opa, oma. zus, vader, tante oom. etc..)
    5-Project 5-Dit project wacht op Vrouwelijke Ramadaan ridders!
    Beste Zuster, Draag je volledige hoofddoek, hoofddoek van Aisha en Fatima..Als je niet begenadigd wordt in deze maand, wanneer alle poorten van het paradijs open zijn, wanneer alle poorten van genade open zijn, wanneer word je dan wel begenadigd??Wanneer de maand Ramadan aanbreekt, worden de Poorten van het Paradijs geopend en de Poorten van de Hel gesloten en de duivels worden dan vastgeketend.”(al-Boechari en moeslim)

    6-Project 6De nacht ridders (nachtgebed ridders)

    Lees deze overlevering van de profeet s.a.w waarin hij zegt:
    “Allah geeft men extra tijd in de maand Ramadan voordat hij naar de aarde neerdaalt. Hij daalt pas aan het einde van de nacht en vraagt: “Is er een vrager die ik kan geven? Een berouwtoner die ik kan vergeven?”
    Er moet naar gestreefd worden om smeekbeden tot Allah te verrichten in deze edele maand, want het verrichten van smeekbeden is de schakel tussen de mens en zijn Heer. Door in de nacht tot Allah te smeken zal Hij iemands gebeden verhoren. Allah wordt nooit moe van het geven van gunsten aan Zijn dienaren.
    Het is een uiting van Allah’s genade voor Zijn dienaren dat Hij het vasten voor hun heeft voorgeschreven, om hen zodoende te zuiveren van buitensporigheden en om hun harten te zuiveren van begeerten. In deze dagen kijken de moslims over de hele wereld uit naar de maand Ramadan; de leider van alle maanden; de maand van vergiffenis, voordelen en giften; de maand die de harten van de rechtgeleide mensen verblijdt. Geen wonder dat een vrome man op zijn sterfbed als reden voor zijn huilen gaf: “Ik ben slechts aan het huilen omdat mensen verder zullen vasten en gebeden zullen verrichten na mijn dood, terwijl ik niet langer in de positie zal zijn om dit te kunnen doen”. Een nieuwe vastenmaand is wederom aangebroken en de daden die wij in het afgelopen jaar hebben verricht zijn opgestegen naar Allah, maar zullen deze van ons geaccepteerd worden, of niet?
    Voorwaar, Allah accepteert slechts (de daden) van de godsvrezenden. (Soerat al-Maa’iedah: 27)…Je zou kunnen slapen als je geen zondes had, je zou slapen als je niet graag naast Allah in de Firdous (paradijs) wilt zijn!
    7-Project 7-Het goede begin!
    Zouden wij de bladzijden van het afgelopen jaar openslaan, dan zouden wij daarin vele viezigheden aantreffen. Zorg er dus voor dat je de tijd goed benut. Maak een goed begin! Zie jouw eerste dag in de Ramadan als de grote kans. Je hebt 60 kansen om afstand van de hel te nemen. Elke dag en elke nacht in de Ramadan is een grote kans.

    8-Project 87 bedevaarten per dag
    5 bedevaarten: Wist je dat wanneer je de gebedsoproep hoort en je staat per direct op, je doet je rituele wassing, je loopt naar de moskee en je verricht je verplichte gebed, dat je dan de beloning krijgt van een volledige had? ( wie van onder jullie reinig van huis vertrekt om een verplicht gebed in de moskee te verrichten, heeft dezelfde beloning als een pelgrim). (Al-albani) (voor een vrouw die thuis bidt die heeft dezelfde beloning)
    Een andere soort bedevaart.. Wie het Fajr gebed in een groep verricht en Allah gaat gedenken tot de zonsopgang en daarna twee raka3at gaat verrichten heeft een beloning van hadj en oemra! (Al-Albani)
    En nog een andere bedevaart.. Er is overgeleverd dat de profeet s.a.w. zei: “Een lezing bijwonen in de Ramadan is gelijk aan hadj.” Lezingen volgen in de Ramadaan is dus zeer aanbevolen!
    Is er een slim persoon die dit kan missen?????
    9-Project 9De sleutels van het ‘magazijn’ van Allah!
    Wist je dat in de maand Ramadan 60 smeekbeden worden geaccepteerd, 60 problemen opgelost kunnen worden en 60 dromen waar gemaakt kunnen worden? (De profeet .s.a.w zei: “voor elke moslim is er elke dag en elke nacht een smeekbede die geaccepteerd wordt” (Al-albani)
    Als iemand jou 60 open cheques heeft gegeven hoe blij zou je dan zijn? Allah geeft jou 60 open smeekbeden die geaccepteerd worden! Vul ze maar zelf in!! (Neem dus een smeekbeden boekje overal met je mee en benut deze schitterende kans!)
    10-Project 10Nacht van je leven!! (Laylatoe Alqadr)
    In de maand Ramadan bevindt zich de belangrijkste van alle nachten; Lailat-ul Qadr, een nacht die beter is dan duizend nachten. Wie deze nacht in aanbidding doorbrengt hopende op Allah’s beloning, al zijn voorgaande zonden zullen hem vergeven worden. De profeet (vrede zij met hem) heeft gezegd:
    “Wanneer de maand Ramadan aanbreekt, worden de Poorten van het Paradijs geopend en de Poorten van de Hel gesloten en de duivels worden dan vastgeketend.” (al-Boechari en Moeslim)
    Laylatoe Alqadr- 12 uren zijn bij Allah s.w.t beter dan 720.000 uren! Dus 4/3 miljoen uren! Want één uur in deze nacht is beter dan 60.000 uren. Bovendien is deze nacht beter dan 1000 maanden!
    Één rak3a is in deze maand beter dan 60.000 raka3at! Je weet niet wat je mist! (Profeet s.a.w zei: “Wie het mist begaat zeker een misser!”) hadith Sahih)
    Het is echt de nacht van je leven… Geef eten aan de armen! Versterk de familiebanden. Ook al is het telefonisch…Maak het goed met iedereen met wie je ruzie of misverstanden had…bid s’nachts… Vergeef wie jou onrecht heeft aan gedaan…En je zult de beloning krijgen inchallah!
    “Voorwaar, Wij hebben hem (de Qor’aan) neergezonden in de Waardevolle Nacht (Lailat-Oel-Qadr). En wat doet jullie weten wat de Waardevolle Nacht is? De Waardevolle Nacht is beter dan duizend maanden. De Engelen en de Geest (Djibrîl) daalden in haar neer met de toestemming van hun Heer, voor elke beschikking. Vrede heerst (in de Nacht), tot aan de ochtendschemering.”

    (Soerah Al-Qadr 97 ayaat 1-5)

    Overgeleverd door Aïsjah: “De Profeet trok zich terug in de moskee gedurende de laatste tien dagen van de Ramadân.”
    11-Project 11Wees een metgezel!
    De profeet s.a.w zei:
    “Een oemra in de Ramdaan is gelijk aan een hadj met mij” De beste manier om dicht bij de profeet te komen is een oemra in de Ramadan.
    Wees een metgezel van de profeet in jouw daden. Wees een goede moslim, als je deze positie wilt bereiken!
    12-Project 12Het uitbreiden van je Rizk en de gunst van Allah s.w.t
    Wil je een goede baan? Heb je wat financiële problemen? Wil je een goede echtgenoot? Versterk dan je familiebanden!
    Vergeet je famillie niet uit te nodigen voor een iftaar. Denk aan hun. En vergeet zeker je buren niet! De profeet s.a.w zei: wie zijn bezittingen wil uitbreiden en de gunst van Allah vermeerderen, moet zijn famillie regelmatig bezoeken en naar hun vragen).
    13-Project 1330 kastelen in het paradijs.
    Ja, 30 kastelen… niet in Hawai, niet in Zuid-Frankrijk niet in India maar in het paradijs!!! Bid dan 12 extra gebeden per dag…2 voor Fadjr 4 voor Dohr en 2 na Dohr… 2 voor Maghrib en 2 voor Isha!
    14- Project 14
    Vastende verzekering!
    Elke vastende aan wie je eten geeft tijdens iftaar, telt als een extra dag die jij hebt gevast! Als jij dus 36 vastende te eten hebt gegeven is datgelijk aan 360 dagen vasten (is gelijk aan één volledige jaar)! Vergeet op z’n minst de dadels niet naar de moskee mee te nemen om die uit te delen. Waar je dan ook bent.. Moskee, buiten, snelweg, overal kan je dat doen! Zo zul je meerdere Ramadaans in jouw bezit hebben!
    15-Project 15
    De Dawa ridders (‘het uitnodigen tot Gods woord’, )
    Er is overgeleverd dat de Profeet (vrede zij met hem) zijn metgezellen verblijde met de komst van de maand Ramadan door te zeggen: “Ramadan is tot jullie gekomen, een gezegende maand. Allah heeft het voor jullie verplicht gesteld om (gedurende deze maand) te vasten. Tijdens (deze maand) zijn de poorten van het Paradijs geopend en de poorten van de Hel gesloten en de duivels zijn vastgeketend. Er in (in de maand Ramadan) is één nacht die beter is dan duizend maanden en wie van de goedheid ervan wordt ontnomen, wordt waarlijk (van iets groots) ontnomen.”
    Alle duivels zijn nu vastgeketend.. benut deze kans. Deel informatie over de Islam uit. Deel CD, folders en boekjes uit. Wees een goed voorbeeld! Deel wat koraan boekjes uit.. Adviseer mensen met een goed woord. Wees een echte moslim!!

    16-Project 16
    Laatste 10 dagen verblijven in de moskee
    Breng deze laatste tien dagen door in de moskee met als doel het aanbidden van Allah… Hoeveel jongeren hebben hun weg gevonden tijdens zo’n schitterend verblijf in de moskee. Één van die jongeren ben ik (schrijver van dit artikel) je komt mensen tegen die jou opvoeden, die jou wat leren. Ik verbleef in een moskee waar ook een aantal geleerden verbleven en daar heb ik erg veel van geleerd!

    Onze broeders en zusters,
    Laat niks jullie misleiden! Niets moet jullie tegen houden om Allah op de juiste manier te aanbidden. Vergeet jullie mede mensen niet tot Gods woord uit te nodigen. Dit kan door middel van een goed woord, manieren, barmhartigheid en smeekbeden natuurlijk.



    Sehari dalam kehidupan orang yang berpuasa
    (Masyari’u ramadhan)
    Apakah anda ingin menjaga diri anda dari haus dahaga selama 50.000 tahun pada hari kiamat??
    Ketika anda berpuasa satu hari dalam bulan ramadhan maka anda berpuasa selama 14 jam, yang berarti anda berpuasa 50.000 menit sehari, pernahkah anda membayangkan bahwa puasa di siang hari ramadhan yang memakan waktu 50.000 menit akan menjaga anda dari haus 50.000 tahun pada hari kiamat? Artinya satu menit pada bulan ramadhan sama dengan satu tahun penuh dari tahun2 yang penuh dengan haus dahaga pada hari kiamat?
    Saudaraku yang tercinta….jika ramadhan meninggalkanmu…maka tidak akan terganti…cukuplah anda menyia-nyiakan ramadhan pada waktu-waktu yang lalu..jika ramadhan datang menjumpai anda jadikanlah ia seolah-olah ramadhan terakhir dalam kehidupan anda kuatkan tekad anda, mari bergabung bersama kami dalam syi’ar2 ini , sesuai dengan kemampuan anda:
    Proyek bagaimana menjadi multi millioner dalam 30 hari:
    • Apakah anda mengetahui bahwasanya pahala kebaikan menghatamkan al –Qur’an sekali pada hari-hari biasa sebanding dengan 3,3 juta kebaikan, artinya dapat menghapus 3,3 juta kejelekan.
    • Berlipat gandanya pahala kebaikan di bulan ramadhan sehingga pahala Umrah di bulan ramadhan sebanding dengan pahala haji bersama Rasulullah Saw.
    • Lantas bagaimana dengan pahala menghatamkan al Qur’an di bulan ramadhan? Beratus-ratus juta kebaikan menunggu anda, apakah anda akan menyia-nyiakannya kemudian menyesal dengan hanya membawa satu kebaikan pada hari kiamat? Demikan saldo anda lebih tinggi dari saldo pemilik pabrik-pabrik handphone dan multi nasional groups!!!
    proyek ramadhan akan membuatku berubah (perencanaan untuk pelaksanaan shalat tarwih)
    • Bangunlah dengan mempersiapkan satu juz yang akan anda baca di malam hari pada saat shalat tarwih, dengan membacanya setelah shalat ashar dengan khusyu’ dan penuh tadabbur (penghayatan). Anda akan melihat perbedaan yang besar…pada ke khusyukan anda ketika shalat tarwih……(demikian anda berjalan dengan dua cap secara bersamaan…cap mendengarkan ayat2 al Qur’an di saat shalat tarwih dan cap membaca al Qur’an setelah shalat ashar).
    • Jika anda mampu, bacalah penafsiran juz yang anda baca tersebut atau dengarkan kaset tentang penafsirannya, maka anda akan memperoleh cap yang jarang orang mempraktekkannya pada hari ini yaitu cap atau mudaarasah (belajar).
    Anda mungkin dapat mengatakan kepada saya hal tersebut sulit…..(anda bisa membaca kitab tafsir yang sederhana seperti kitab tafsir yang di tulis oleh Syech as Sa’ady atau taisirul kariimurrahman fi tafsiri kalaami rrahman hanya memuat 29 halaman dalam setiap penafsiran 1 juz.

    Proyek menjaga harta yang sering di sia-siakan:
    Kebanyakan orang pada umumnya menyia-nyiakan waktunya setelah berbuka puasa, padahal jika waktu tersebut di gunakan untuk membaca satu juz dari kitabullah dengan kontinyu maka anda akan menamatkan al Qur’an dalam satu bulan penuh! Apa yang membuat anda terhalang untuk menghatamkan al Qur’an secara sempurna? Acara2 komedi? Atau anda sibuk menyaksikan acara2 dialog bersama artis2.
    proyek, apa yang anda tunggu?? (kesempatan untuk bertaubat).
    ` Berjanjilah kepada Allah di bulan ramadhan untuk bertaubat setiap hari dari dosa2 tertentu , dan bertekad untuk tidak mengulanginya lagi setelahnya bahkan selamanya , dengan izin Allah.
    Di hari pertama… anda berjanji untuk meninggalkan rokok , di hari kedua ….anda berjanji untuk meninggalkan segala macam bentuk ikhtilath, di hari ketiga… anda berjanji untuk meninggalkan segala macam bentuk nyanyian2 yang di haramkan, bersihkanlah handphone anda dan harddisk anda dari segala macam sesuatu yang akan membuat Allah murka…dst. Untuk melaksanakan hal ini putuskanlah dua layar di bulan ramadhan ….yaitu layar internet dan layar Ad –dussy…
    proyek, apa yang anda tunggu??? (wanita2 islam mujahidah di bulan ramadhan )
    Pakailah hijab yang sempurna di bulan ramadhan, hijab Aisyah dan Fatimah, jika anda tidak masuk dalam rahmat Allah sementara pintu2 surga semua terbuka dan pintu2 kasih sayang rahmah semuanya terbuka begitupun pintu2 langit yang tujuh susun terbuka…maka kapan anda akan mulai masuk???
    proyek, bermunajat dengan Allah di malam hari ( melaksanakan shalat tahajjud).
    • Bacalah hadits yang mulia ini: (Allah akan menunda di setiap pada bulan ramdhan sampai jika telah berlalu sepertiga malam pertama Dia turun ke langit kemudian Dia berkata apakah ada dari hambaku yang punya permintaan maka akan di kabulkan, apakah ada dari hambaku yang meminta ampun maka akan di beri ampunan baginya, apakah ada dari hambaku yang bertaubat maka akan di terima taubatnya) di shahihkan oleh Syaich al Bany.
    • Yang paling mengagungkan disini ialah bahwasanya Allah Swt. Turun setiap malam di luar bulan ramadhan di akhir sepertiga malam , adapun di bulan Ramadhan Dia turun setiap malam di akhir dua pertiga malam, maka satu malam di bulan ramadhan sangat berharga nilainya sebab di dalamnya terdapat kesempatan yang sangat besar untuk berdo’a kepada Allah agar di beri kelonggaran atas kesusahan2 yang menimpa anda, dan juga kesempatan untuk mendapatkan pemberian rahmat dari Allah Swt. Maka pergunakanlah kesempatan tersebut dengan baik!!
    • Tidurlah…jika anda merasa tidak mempunyai dosa….tidurlah…jika anda merasa tidak butuh dengan segala sesuatu dari Allah Swt. Tidurlah… jika anda tidak rindu bertemu dengan Allah di surga Firdaus.
    proyek pada permulaan Ramadhan.
    Jadikanlah permulan bulan ramadhan adalah pondasi terkuat terhadap malam-malam yang terdapat pada satu bulan penuh tsb. Bersegeralah di malam pertama pada bulan ramadhan …kuatkan tekad anda dan niatkan agar malam tersebut adalah malam pembebasan dari api neraka. Dari malam pertama dengan izin Allah…dan di setiap malam bersegeralah berbuka dan tekadkan bahwa sanya malam inilah adalah malam pembebasan dari api neraka. (sesungguhnya Allah memerdekakan hambanya dari api neraka pada setiap hari dan malam) di shahihkan oleh al Bany.
    Di depan anda terdapat 60 kesempatan untuk terbebas dari api neraka , di siang hari terdapat kesempatan tersebut juga di malam hari… artinya di bulan ramadhan : satu malam bisa menyelamatkan perjalanan anda…secara kesuluruhan… begitupun dalam satu hari bisa menyelamatkan perjalanan anda secara kesuluruhan…
    proyek, berhaji tujuh kali setiap hari di bulan ramadhan.
    Lima haji: apakah anda mengetahui bahwa sanya jika anda mendengarkan azan lalu anda bangkit dengan segera kemudian berwudhu, lalu anda bersegera kemesjid kemudian anda mengerjakan shalat fardhu, maka anda berhak mendapatkan pahala seperti pahala orang yang berhaji (barang siapa keluar dari rumahnya dalam keadaan suci untuk melaksanakan shalat fardhu maka pahalanya sama dengan pahala orang yang berhaji…) di shahihkan oleh al Bany. (perempuan yang shalat dirumahnya juga mempunyai pahala yang sama)
    Haji yang lain: (barang siapa yang shalat subuh secara berjamaah, kemudian setelah shalat duduk sambil mengingat Allah sampai terbit matahari kemudian berdiri dan mengerjakan shalat dua raka’at maka dia mendapatkan pahala haji dan umrah ) di shahihkan oleh al Bany. ..duduk saja dengan menunggu waktu dhuha di masjid maka anda akan mendapatkan keberuntungan dengan memperoleh 30 haji dan umrah di bulan ramadhan.
    Haji yang lain: di shahihkan dari Rasulullah Saw. Bahwasanya menghadiri pengajian2 atau majlis2 ilmu akan memperoleh pahala seperti orang yang berhaji. Shalat tarwih di masjid kemudian di sela-sela rakaat tarwih di selingi dengan nasihat-nasihat itu juga sama kedudukannya dengan majlis ilmu dengan izin Allah, apakah ada orang yang mempunyai akal sehat ingin menyia2kan pahala tujuh kali haji setiap hari????
    proyek, kunci2 perbendaharaan Allah Swt.
    • Apakah anda tahu bahwasanya anda mempunyai di bulan ramadhan 60 permintaan yang di terima, 60 permasalahan dari permasalahan dalam kehidupan anda memungkinkan untuk terjawab, 60 mimpi atau angan-angan dari mimpi2 anda bisa tercapai…(dan setiap muslim pada setiap hari dan malam mempunyai do’a yang mustajab..) di shahihkan oleh al Bany.
    • Seandainya salah satu diantara orang kaya di dunia ini memberikan kepada anda 60 cek …kira2 bagaimana girangnya anda??? Allah memberikan anda 60 do’a yang mustajab di setiap hari dan malam .( senantiasalah membawa kitab2 do’a di kantong saku anda, dan bacalah dengan khusyu’ dengan penuh pengharapan kepada Allah setiap hari , dan jangan sia2kan kunci2 perbendaharaan Allah dalam hidup anda!).
    Proyek malam lailatul umur:
    Lailatul Qadar 12 jam lebih baik dari seribu bulan yaitu lebih baik dari 720.000 jam artinya 4/3 juta jam , sebab satu jam di dalamnya lebih mulia dari 60.000 jam (satu ayat al Qur’an di dalamnya lebih tinggi nilainya dari 60.000 ayat, satu raka’at di dalamnya lebih mulia dari 60.000 raka’at, menyiapkan makanan terhadap orang yang berpuasa di dalamnya lebih mulia di banding 60.000 menyiapkan makanan terhadap orang yang berpuasa di hari2 yang lain. Benar!!! (barang siapa tidak mempergunakan kebaikan di malam lailatul qadar maka dia termasuk orang yang merugi).
    Dia benar malam Umur…siapkanlah makanan terhadap orang2 yang berpuasa di dalamnya, sambungkanlah tali silaturrahim anda walaupun hanya dengan melalui handphone, dan berdamailah dengan setiap orang yang antara anda dengan dia terdapat pertentangan walaupun dengan melalui handphone, bacalah al Qur’an dan shalatlah di malam lailatul qadar sebagaimana shalatnya Rasulullah Saw. Dan diantara ibadah yang paling agung di dalamnya ialah anda dengan hati yang lapang memaafkan segala orang yang telah menzalimi anda.
    Proyek menjadi seorang sahabat.
    (berumrah di bulan ramadhan seperti seorang yang berhaji bersama saya) tidak ada amal yang menjadikan kamu bersama Rasulullah Saw. Seperti seorang sahabat selain umrah di bulan Ramadhan.
    Proyek mencari tambahan rezki dan membagi2 kannya.
    Anda mempunyai problem dalam rezki? Anda menginginkan pekerjaan yang menguntungkan? Anda ingin bersuami? Anda ingin keluarga dan anak2? Anda ingin isteri? ( barang siapa yang ingin di lapangkan rezkinya dan di panjangkan umurnya maka sambunglah silaturrahim) jangan lupa untuk memberikan ifthar terhadap kerabat dan tetangga anda .

    Proyek 30 istana di surga.
    Bukan 30 istana di tepi pantai utara atau tepi pantai2 di Hawai atau di neis Prancis …akan tetapi istana di Surga. Jagalah setiap hari 12 raka’at shalat sunnah rawatib. (2 sebelum subuh, 4 sebelumdhuhur, dan 2 setelahnya, 2 setelah maghrib dan 2 setelah isya).
    Proyek penanggunan terhadap orang yang berpuasa.
    Setiap anda menyediakan makanan terhadap orang yang berpuasa maka pahalanya sama dengan anda berpuasa di hari yang lain dari bulan ramadhan dan satu hari sama bandingannya dengan 10 hari, maka jika anda memberikan makanan terhadap orang yang berpuasa setiap hari 36 orang maka sama kedudukannya anda berpuasa 360 hari artinya anda menjadikan1 tahun penuh semuanya ramadhan, (jangan anda lupakan bungkusan2 ramadhan, letakkan bungkusan2 kurma di mesjid, memberikan kurma terhadap orang yang berpuasa dan anda juga ke mesjid, proyek menghidangkan sesuatu terhadap orang yang berpuasa dengan cara cepat atau instant dengan di sikapi dengan harta dan kesungguhan, Berita gembira anda mendapatkan pahala beberapa bulan ramadhan dalam timbangan kebaikan anda!

    Proyek menjadi da’i2 unggulan

    Melalui kerja keras sahabat di bulan ramadhan Allah swt. Memenangkan mereka dalam perang badar dan menguasai makkah yang dikenal fathumakkah , maka apa yang akan di menangkan melalui tangan anda untuk islam di bulan ramadhan ini???
    Musim yang paling banyak di gunakan oleh orang2 yang sering berbuat maksiat untuk mendengarkan nasihat2 agama ialah di bulan ramadhan, maka kesempatan ini harus di pergunakan dengan sebaik mungkin ..berjuanglah dengan hartamu dan kesungguhanmu untuk menyebarkan kaset2 ceramah islamiyah dan CD2 terhadap orang2 yang masih sering tergelincir dalam tipu daya syaithan, dan kepada para sopir, di terminal2, dan juga kepada para pemilik toko2 tertentu.( bantu mereka agar benar 2 ingin mendengar isi kaset2 dan CD2 tsb.) bagikan mushaf2 kecil yang berkualitas di bulan ramadhan supaya mudah untuk di bawa dan di baca di mana2…ajaklah 2 dari sahabatmu di sepanjang bulan untuk menambah kebaikan mereka dan juga menambah timbangan kebaikan anda.
    Proyek I’tikaf
    (I’tikaaf di sepuluh hari terakhir di bulan ramadhan) berapa banyak dari pemuda2, kita melihat berubah cara hidupnya secara total di sebabkan I’tikaf, termasuk penulis artikel ini salah satu diantara mereka. Beri’tikaflah di masjid yang di dalamnya terdapat da’i2 yang bisa membimbing anda pada hari2 tsb.

    Kaum muslimin dan muslimat yang kami sayangi yang terdapat di negeri barat…..jangan biarkan sesuatu menyibukkanmu selain kepada Allah di bulan ramadhan ini …dan jangan lupakan mengajak orang2 non muslim kepada islam baik dengan perkataan kalian atau dengan akhlak kalian atau dengan do’a kalian terhadap mereka. Wassalam



    The Eid Prayer & How To Perform it.

    Every Muslim must pray ‘Eid prayer as the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam has prayed. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam has said: “Pray as you see me praying”. [Sahih Al-Bukhari: vol. 1, p. 345, no. 604.].

    Sunnah before or after the ‘Eid prayer:

    It is not established that there is any sunnah prayer before or after the ‘Eid prayer. The Prophet never performed any such prayer, neither did his companions upon arrival at the musalla (prayer place).

    It was the practice of the Muslims at the time Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam that they would not pray any sunnah or nafl prayers before or after the ‘Eid prayer. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam never prayed any sunnah or nafl before or after the ‘Eid prayer.

    ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Abbaas said: ” the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam offered a two Rak‘aat prayer on the day of ‘Eidul Fitr and he did not pray before or after it.” [Refer to Sahih Al-Bukhari: vol. 2, p. 43, no. 81].

    The takbeer during salaatul ‘Eidayn:

    The ‘Eid prayer consists of two rak’at during which it is sunnah to pronounce the takbeer seven times, after the opening takbir and before the Qur’anic recital in the first rak’ah. ‘Umar (may Allâh be pleased with him) said: “The prayer of ‘Eid and al-Adh-haa is two complete rak’ahs, not shortened. This is according to the words of your Prophet (!), and the liar is doomed.” [Refer to Irwaaul Ghaleel by Al-Albaanee: vol. 3, pp.105-6, no. 638.]

    During the second rak’ah, one makes takbir five times after the takbeer which is customarily made for standing after the prostration. The difference between ‘Eid prayer and the Friday is that, in ‘Eid prayer the Prophet made twelve additional takbeer, whereas it is not the same for Friday prayer. The Takbeer is repeated seven times in the first rak’ah and five times in the second.

    The Qur’aan is to be recited after completing the seven takbeer in the first raka‘ah, after the five takbeer in the second raka‘ah. ‘Aishah said: the Prophet would say the takbeer seven times in the first raka‘ah and [five times in the second raka‘ah on the day of the breaking of the fast and on the day of sacrifice on theoccasion of both the ‘Eid prayers, the two festivals. [Sunan Abu Dawud: (Eng.): vol. 1, pp. 296-7, no. 1145. Refer to the Saheeh Sunan Aboo Daawood: vol. 1, p. 213, no. 1018.]

    In another version She said: “Except the two takbeers pronounced at the time of bowing.” [Sunan Abu Dawud: (Eng.): vol. 1, p. 297, no. 1146. Refer to the Saheeh Sunan Aboo Daawood: vol. 1, p. 213, no. 1019.]

    ‘Amr ibn Shu’aib reports from his father on the authority of his grandfather that the Prophet said : “There are seven takbeers in the first raka‘ah and five in the second raka‘ah of the prayer offered on the day of the breaking of the fast and then recitation of the Qur’aan after the additional takbeers”. [Sunan Abu Dawud: (Eng.): vol. 1, p. 297, no. 1147. Refer to the Saheeh Sunan Aboo Daawood: vol. 1, p. 213, no. 1020.]

    NOTE: It is not the sunnaah of the Prophet to raise the hands while saying additional takbeers and nothing besides takbeer should be uttered. [See Tamaamul Minnah: by Al-Albaanee: pp. 348-9.]

    Ash-Shaukani states that the strongest opinion is that if one does not perform the takbeeraat out of forgetfulness, he is not to perform the prostrations of forgetfulness. [Naylul Awtaar: by Imaam Ash-Shaukaanee: vol.3, p. 300.]

    Recitation of Qur’aan in ‘Eid prayers:

    It is not restricted that one has to read particular soorah in the ‘Eid prayers. It is recommended (mustahabb) that in the ‘Eid prayers the imaam should recite Sooratu Qaaf [soorah 50] and Sooratul Qamar[al-Qamar, soorah 54], as it is reported that: ‘Umar ibn al-Khattaab asked Aboo Waaqid al-Laythee, “What did the Messenger of Allâh used to recite at [Eid] al-Adhaa and al-Fitr?” He said, “He used to recite Qaaf. Wa’l-Qur’aan al-majeed [Qaaf 50:1] and Aqtarabat al-saa’ah wa anshaqq al-qamar [al-Qamar 54:1]. [Sahih Muslim: vol. 2, p. 419, no.1936]

    Most of the reports indicate that the Prophet used to recite Soorat al-A’laa [87] and Soorat al-Ghaashiyah [88], as he used to recite them in the Friday prayer. Al-Nu’maan ibn Bishr said: “The Messenger of Allâh (peace and blessings of Allâh be upon him) used to recite on the two Eids and on Fridays, Sabbih isma rabbika’l-a’laa [al-A’laa 87:1] and Hal ataaka hadeeth al-ghaashiyah [al-Ghaashiyah 88:1].” [Sahih Muslim: vol. 2, p. 414, no.1907]

    Congratulating one another on the days of ‘Eid

    People may exchange congratulations and good greetings on Eid, no matter what form the words take. For example they may say to one another, “Taqabbal Allâhu minnaa wa minkum (May Allâh accept [the fast and worship] from us and from you” or “Eid mubarak” and other similar permissible greetings. [Al-Mughnee: by ibn Qudaamah: vol. 2, p. 259]

    Jubayr ibn Nufayr said: “At the time of the Prophet , when people met one another on the day of Eid, they would say, ‘Taqabbal Allâhu minnaa wa minka (May Allâh accept from us and from you).’” (Ibn Hajar. Its isnaad is hasan. Fathul Baaree: vol.2, p. 446).

    The practice of exchanging greetings was well-known at the time of the Sahaabah and scholars such as Imaam Ahmad and others allowed it. There are reports which indicate that it is permissible to congratulate people on special occasions. The Sahaabah used to congratulate one another when something good happened, such as when Allâh accepted a person’s repentance and so on. There is no doubt that congratulating others in this way is one of the noblest kinds of good manners and one of the highest social qualities among Muslims.

    At the very least, one can return Eid greetings when they are given to you, and remain silent if nothing is said, as Imaam Ahmad (may Allâh have mercy on him) said: “If someone congratulates me, I return the greeting, but I do not initiate it.”

    Whoever misses salaatul ‘Eid with the congregation may pray two rak’at

    In Sahih al-Bukhari we find in the chapter entitled: “Whoever missed the ‘Eid prayer should pray two Raka‘ah, and similarly the women and those who are at home and in the villages should do so, as is confirmed by the statement of the Prophet (!): “O Muslims, this our ‘Eid”. Anas ibn Maalik at Az-Zaawiyah ordered his slave ibn Abee Ghaneeyah to collect his (Anas’s) family and off-spring. Anas led prayer similar to that offered by townspeople and recited takbeer similar to theirs. ‘Ekrimah said: “The villagers should gather on the day of ‘Eid and offer two raka‘ah as the Imaam does.” ‘Ataa said, “Whoever misses the ‘Eid prayer should pray two raka‘ah.” [Sahih Al-Buukhari: vol. 2, p. 55, chapter. 25].

    Making up a missed ‘Eid prayer on the next day:

    Abu ‘Umair ibn Anas reports: “My Ansari uncles from among the companions of the Messenger of Allâh sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said to me: ‘The moon for the month of Shawwal was hidden from us and, therefore, our companions fasted. Then at the end of the day, riders came and they bore witness to the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam that they had seen the moon the previous night. The Prophet ordered the people to break their fasts and to go out to the site of the salaatul ‘Eid on the next day.'” [This is related by An-Nasaaee: (Eng): vol. 2, pp. 333-4, no. 1560, Saheeh Sunan An-Nasaaee: vol. 1, p. 341, no. 1466.]

    In this hadeeth there lies evidence for those who say that if the people miss salaatul ‘Eid due to some excuse, then they may go out and pray it the next day.

    Warning against wrongdoing:

    1. Some people think that Islaam tells us to stay up and pray on the night of ‘Eid, quoting an unsound hadeeth which says that “whoever stays up and prays on the night of ‘Eid, his heart will not die on the day when hearts die.” This hadeeth was reported with two isnaads, one of which is da’eef (weak), and the other is very da’eef. [See Al-Fawaaidul Majmoo‘ah: by Imaam Ash-Shaukaanee: p. 71.]

    Islaam does not tell us to single out the night of ‘Eid for staying up and praying; if, however, a person habitually stays up and prays at night (qiyaam), there is nothing wrong with him doing so on the night of ‘Eid as well.

    2. Mixing of men and women in some prayer-places, streets, etc. It is a pity that this happens not only in mosques but even in the most sacred of places, al-Masjid al-Haraam [in Makkah]. Many women – may Allâh guide them – go out uncovered ,wearing make-up and perfume, flaunting their adornment, when there is such serious overcrowding in the mosques – the dangers of this situation are quite obvious. So those who are in charge must organize the ‘Eid prayers properly, by allocating separate doors and routes for women and delaying the men’s departure until the women have left.

    3. Some people get together on ‘Eid for the purpose of singing and other forms of idle entertainment, and this is not permitted.

    4. Some people celebrate on ‘Eid because Ramadaan is over and they no longer have to fast. This is a mistake, the believers celebrate at ‘Eid because Allâh has helped them to complete the month of fasting, not because the fasting ,which some people regard as a heavy burden, is over.

    Greetings The Companions Would Say on Eid

    The Companions of Allâh’s Messenger used to say to each other when they met on ‘Eid:

    Taqabal Allâahu Minnâ wa Minkum

    which means: May Allâh accept from us and you [our fasts and deeds].

    Al-Hâfidh Ibn Hajr, Fath Al-Bârî, grades this narration’s chain of transmission hasan and cites it from Al-Mahâmilîyyât.


    The ‘Eid prayer is valid for men, women, children, travellers, residents, people in congregation, and people praying individually. It is also valid if performed in a house, mosque, or a distant place designated for the salah, and so on.

    2: Women and children going out to attend ‘Eid prayer

    Shari’ah requires women and children to go out and attend the salaatul ‘Eidayn. This includes married, single, young, old, or menstruating women. Umm ‘Ateeyah reports: “We were ordered to go out with the single and menstruating women to the two ‘Eids in order to witness the good and the supplications of the Muslims. The menstruating women would be separate from the others.” [This is related by Sahih al-Bukhari: vol. 2, p. 48, no. 91.]

    The above hadeeth clears it that the menstruating women will not prayer and will keep away from the Musallaa, Sahih Al-Bukhari: vol. 2, p. 52, no. 97.

    Source: The Two Eids By: Abdul Majeed Alee Hassan

    Ibn ‘Abbas further reports: “I went out with the Prophet on the day of breaking the fast or of the sacrifice, and he prayed and gave a khutbah, and then he went to the women and admonished them, reminded them of Allâh, and ordered them to give charity.” [This is related by Sahih al-Bukhari: vol. 2, p. 48, no. 92.]

    3: Taking different routes to and from musallaa

    Most of the people of knowledge are of the opinion that it is preferred for a person to go to the salaah by one route and then to return home through another route, regardless of whether he be the imaam or a member of the congregation. Jabir reports: “On the days of ‘Eid, the Prophet would take different routes.” [This is related by Sahih al-Bukhari: vol. 2, p. 54, no. 102.]

    Abu Hurairah says: “When the Prophet went to salaatul ‘Eid, he would return through a different route.” [This is related by at-Tirmithee:Saheeh Sunan At-Titmthee: vol. 1, p. 168, no. 446] .

    4: The time of ‘Eid prayers

    The time for salaatul ‘Eid begins from the time the sun is three meters above the horizon until the sun reaches its meridian. The majority of scholars say that the time for the Eid prayer starts when the sun has risen above the height of a spear, as seen by the naked eye, and continues until the sun is approaching its zenith. It is better to offer the ‘Eid prayer in the forenoon in the early hours after the sunrise. The reason is that the people have to slaughter the sacrificial animals on theday of saacrifice. Hence, the prayer on this occasion should be offered earlier than the prayer offered on the day of breaking the fast.

    Yazeed ibn Khumayr Rahbee said: ‘Abd Allâh ibn Busr, the companion of the Prophet came out along with the people on the day of the breaking of the fast or on the day of sacrifice (to offer the prayer). He disliked the delay of the Imaam, and said: We would finish our ‘Eid prayer at this moment, that is, at the time of forenoon. [Sunan Abu Dawud: (Eng): vol. 1, p. 293, no. 1131 and it is authenticated by Al-Albaanee in Saheeh Sunan Aboo Daawood: vol. 1, pp. 210-1, no. 1005. Imaam al-Bukhari has mentioned in Sahih Al-Bukhari: vol. 2, p. 44, chapter. 10.

    Ibn Qudamah says: “It is a sunnah to pray salaatul adha early in order to allow more time for the people to perform the sacrifice, and the salaatul Fitr is to be delayed in order to give people time to pay zakat al-Fitr. I know of no difference of opinion on this point.” [Refer to Al-Mughnaee by Imaam ibn Qudaamah: vol. 2, p. 224.]

    5: The athaan and iqaamah for salaatul ‘Eidayn

    Ibn al-Qayyim writes: “When the Messenger of Allâh went to the musallaa (place of prayer), he would perform the salaah without any athaan or iqaamah and without saying ‘as-salaatu jaami’ah’ (prayer in congregation). The sunnah is not to do any of that.” [Zaadul Ma‘aad: vol. 1, p. 442.].

    Ibn ‘Abbaas and Jaabir both report that there was no athaan on the day of the breaking of the fast or on the day of sacrifice. This is related by al-Bukhari: vol. 2, p. 41, no. 78. and Muslim: vol. 2, p. 417, no. 1927 .

    The Takbeerat of the Eid

    Ibn Mas’ood used to say:
    << Allaahu-Akbar. Allaahu-Akbar. Laa ilaaha illallah. Wa-Allaahu Akbar. Allaahu-Akbaar. Wa lillaahil-Hamd >> [ Reported by Ibn Abee Shaibah with an authentic chain of narration.]

    (Allaah is the Greatest. Allaah is the Greatest. There is none who has the right to be worshipped except Allaah. Allaah is the Greatest. Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah belongs all praise.)

    Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) used to say:
    <<Allaahu-Akbar Allaahu-Akbar; Allaahu-Akbar wa-lillaahil-Hamd. Allaahu-Akbar wa ajallu, Allaahu-Akbar ‘alaa maa hadaana.
    [reported by Baihaqee (3/315) and it has an authentic chain of narration.]

    (Allaah is the Greatest. Allaah is the Greatest. Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah belongs all praise. Allaah is the Greatest and the Most Sublime. Allaah is the Greatest to that which He has guided us to.)

    For A Detailed Explanation For The Evidences of the 2 Above Mentioned Dhikrs please Read Below.

    Taken from the Book: The Rulings Concerning The Two Eids From The Purified Sunnah
    By: Shaykh ‘Ali Hasan ‘Ali ‘Abdul Hameed al-Halabi hafidhahullaah

    The Takbeer of the Eid

    Allaah, The Most High, says:

    “(He wants you) to complete the same number (of days) and that must magnify Allaah (takbeer) for having guided you and so that you may be grateful to Him.” [Al-Baqarah 2:185]

    Indeed it is established that the Prophet used to emerge on the day of ‘Eid-ul-Fitr and say the takbeer up until he reached the musallaa and up until he had performed the prayer. So when he had performed the prayer he stopped saying the takbeer.[1]

    The scholar of hadeeth al-Albaanee said: “This hadeeth contains evidence concerning the legality of what the Muslims are acting upon, from saying the takbeer aloud on the way to the musallaa; even though many Muslims have become negligent of this Sunnah to such an extent that it has nearly become a ‘thing that was’……

    From that which is appropriate to remind us of at this point, is that saying the takbeer aloud does not mean that it is permitted to say it in unison, as some people do. Likewise, all other supplications in which raising the voice has or has not been prescribed, then reciting the sup plication in unison is not permissible. So be cautious of this and let us always focus our eyes upon the fact that the best guidance is the guid ance of the Prophet (SAW).” [Silsilatul Ahaudeeth as-Saheehah (1/121)]

    Shaikh-ul-Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah was asked about the time when the takbeer should be recited during the ‘Eids. So he replied:

    “All praise be to Allaah. The most correct opinion with regard to reciting the takbeer is that which the majority of the pious predesessors, the jurists from amongst the Companions and its A’immah are upon, – that is to say the takbeer after every prayer from Fajr (Dawn) on the day of ‘Arafah until the last day of Tashreeq. It is permitted for everyone to say the takbeer aloud when proceeding to the ‘Eid prayer and this is agreed upon by the four Imaams.” [Majmoo al-Fataawaa (24/220) and refer to Subul-us-Salaam (2/71-72)]

    I say: His (may Allaah have mercy upon him) saying: After every prayer – in particular – is a matter for which there is no evidence. Rather the correct opinion is that it is at all times without particularisation.

    This is inferred upon by the saying of al-Bukhaaree in the chapter on the two Eid’s in his book as-Saheeh (2/461): “Chapter: Takbeer in the days of Mina and when proceeding to Arafah.”

    ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) used to make takbeer in his tent in Mina such that the people in the masjid could hear him and so they would make takbeer and the people in the market would make takbeer such that Mina would resound with the takbeer.

    Ibn Umar (may allaah be pleased with him) used to make takbeer in Mina on these days, after every prayer, while reclining on his couch, in his tent, in his gatherings and when walking all in these days.

    Maimoonah (may Allaah be pleased with her) would make takbeer on the day of Nahr. The women used to make takbee, alongside with Abaan Ibn Uthmaan and ‘Amr Ibn Abdul-Aziz during the nights of Thasreeq with the men in the masjid.

    When Ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) would leave (his house) on the morning of ‘Eid-ul-Fitr and ‘Adhaa and he would say the takbeer aloud until he reached the musallaa and then make tak beer until the Imaam came.38

    The manner of saying takbeer has not been authentically reported in a hadeeth of the Prophet from that which I know, but it has been reported from some of the Companions (may Allaah be pleased with them all).

    Ibn Mas’ood used to say: << Allaahu-Akbar. Allaahu-Akbar. Laa ilaaha illallah. Wa-Allaahu Akbar. Allaahu-Akbaar. Wa lillaahil-Hamd>> [ Reported by Ibn Abee Shaibah with an authentic chain of narration.]

    (Allaah is the Greatest. Allaah is the Greatest. There is none who has the right to be worshipped except Allaah. Allaah is the Greatest. Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah belongs all praise.)

    Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) used to say: <<Allaahu-Akbar Allaahu-Akbar; Allaahu-Akbar wa-lillaahil-Hamd. Allaahu-Akbar wa ajallu, Allaahu-Akbar ‘alaa maa hadaana. [Reported by Baihaqee (3/315) and it has an authentic chain of narration.]

    (Allaah is the Greatest. Allaah is the Greatest. Allaah is the Greatest and to Allaah belongs all praise. Allaah is the Greatest and the Most Sublime. Allaah is the Greatest to that which He has guided us to.)

    Abdur-Razzaq transmits by the isnaad of Baihaqee in his book as Sunan al-Kubra (3/316)- with an authentic chain of narration – from Salmaan al-Khair (may Allaah Pleased with him): “Make takbeer of Allaah: Say: Allaahu-Akbar Allaahu-Akbar Allaahu-Akbar kabeera”

    However many of the lay Muslims have opposed this dhikr that is established upon the pious predecessors (The Sahab & the Tabieen) by innovated dhikr and additions which have no basis at all. Thus Haafidh Ibn Hajr (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in Fath ul-Baaree (2/536): “indeed additions41 have been invented. on this day, which have no basis.”

    [1] Reported by Ibn Abee Shaibah in Musannaf and Mahaamlee in Kitaab Salaatul ‘Eidain with an authentic chain of narration but it is mursal. Nevertheless it has (some) supporting narrations that strengthen it. Refer to Silsilatul Ahaadeeth as Saheehah (170). The takbeer begins from the time of the proceeding out to the musallaa until the prayer.


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